Marvel has gone all out, dropping series to let fans further delve into the stories of their most beloved characters. However, rumours about a Captain America series, where Cap is seen returning the Infinity stones to their respective timelines are also in the air.

Seeing Rogers go back in time to live with Peggy seemed to be the last of his appearance in the MCU. But Evans has recently confirmed two projects with MCU, one of which could possibly be a series. While Captain America on the screen will definietly be a sight for sore eyes, these characters should be added to the mix, one way or another.

10. Red Skull

 A still from Captain America: The First Avenger

It’s a pity Red Skull makes only two appearances in the MCU. The protector of the Soul Stone, he doesn’t possess any superhuman powers yet a highly gifted subversive strategist, his superior intellect makes him a formidable foe for Captain America.
After what seemed to be certain death in the first Captain America movie, his reappearance in Avenger’s: Infinity War was quite a shocker. But it made clear the link between the appearance of the Soul Stone and his own. If we get a series when Evans has to return the stones, their reunion is inevitable.

9. Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

If there’s one person besides Sam Wilson who Cap can handle, it’s Fury. Unlike his relationship with most of the Avengers, Nick and Evans seem to hit it off from the very start.
The last few Marvel movies that feature Nick the best job conveying Fury’s story to the audience. His appearance is crucial to such a series not only because of his dynamic with Chris Evans and his character, but also to give fans more insight into Nick Fury himself.

8. Heimdall

Heimdall played by Idris Elba

Say the series revolves around Steve Rogers returning the stones. Heimdall, who serves Thor up until he died in Infinity War, would be an excellent addition to the storyline. Although the two characters are yet to meet, Steve will need someone to guide him to Vomir. He could travel back in time and meet Heimdall, seeking his assistance.

7. Odin


Another character from Thor who could possibly feature is his father, the great god, Odin. The last Thor movie suggests that Odin is still alive, and if Heimdall can’t come to Cap’s rescue, Odin certainly can. Considering how much Marvel loves cameos, it’s highly likely that it will be Odin.

6. Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes in Cpatain America: The Winter Soldier

There is absolutely no way Marvel could make a series without featuring Sergent James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes. He’s the most beloved character originating from the Captain America series. Sharing a bond like no other, Bucky and Steve Rogers have been seen saving each other throughout their appearances.
The duo is not deserving of the stale end they receive in Avengers: Endgame and the series is the perfect opportunity for the writers to make amends. Since Steve has to travel back in time to return the stones, a brainwashed Winter Soldier playing the antagonist can also be very interesting.

5. Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson

Like Bucky, Sam Wilson is also a Cap favorite, one of few people he trusts more than the rest. After their first time teaming up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the duo have often worked together.
For Rogers to go on a mission without the Falcon, given their history, is out of the question. The series, Falcon and the Winter Soldier could also hint towards this possibility.

4. The Ancient One

The Ancient One

The Ancient One’s appearance in Endgame, in a tussle over the Time Stone was genuinely unexpected. She ultimately agrees, given the condition the stone is returned to the correct timeline. To return the Time Stone, Cap would return to 2012 New York, just before Doctor Strange’s appearance, where he would encounter the Ancient One. This plot actually gives closure to her character’s story.

3. Jane Foster

Jane Foster

Natalie Portman is confirmed to reprise her role of Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder. Considering she plays an important role in the extraction of the Reality Stone, she is certain to make an appearance in other Marvel works. A Captain America series sounds like the most logical at this point.

2. Howard Stark

Howard Stark

If Rogers is to return the Space Stone to the military base in 1970, it goes without saying he will encounter Howard Stark. What may be an awkward interaction could play into a closure for Stark’s character. Howard can’t be saved from his tragic fate. This interaction could be an opportunity for Steve to tell him about his son.
While this can bring on disturbances to the timeline, it’d be an emotional roller coaster for the audience.

1. Peggy Carter

Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter in a still from Captain America

Last but not least, Peggy Carter. It would be criminal to have Steve return without the love of his by his side.
The two are Marvel’s greatest love story and Steve choosing to return to the past to live with Peggy proves that. Unfortunately, fans hardly get to see them together. So a cameo in the series plays out perfectly for the writers and the audience.



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