“Age is just a number” is rightly said as for some, they become better with age. Some of us crib thinking about how bad things get as and when we grow old. We think we become physically unattractive. But for some celebrities, age is nothing. They take it in good spirits and continue their journey of self-love. For instance, look at the following celebrities who embraced aging. They’re aging like fine wine! The more they age, the better they become. So, here’s a list of celebrities who have aged like fine wine. Check it out!

1. Angela Bassett

Celebrities: Angela Bassett (63 years old)
Celebrity: Angela Bassett (63 years old)

Angela played Tina Turner in the biopic and did a wonderful job! Not just physically, Angela is beautiful both inside and out. She’s been a part of the entertainment industry for years and has made a name for herself. The image above shows how beautifully she is aging.

2. BD Wong

Celebrities: BD Wong
Celebrity: BD Wong (61 years old)

Wong has been actively working in the entertainment industry since 1983 and looking at him doesn’t feel like he’s 61 years old! He looks better with every passing year. HOW’S THAT POSSIBLE?

3. Barbra Streisand

Celebrities: Barbra Streisand
Celebrity: Barbra Streisand (79 years old)

Barbra is a singer, actor, and filmmaker. The Funny Girl actress has managed to look beautiful and radiant over the years. She’s 79 years old now, but looks great!

4. Bruce Willis

Celebrities: Bruce Willis
Celebrity: Bruce Willis (66 years old)

Bruce has been entertaining us since the ’70s and looks like nothing can stop him! He has appeared in over 70 films and several TV shows. Another thing to appreciate about him other than his acting is his looks. Over the years he has only gotten better. What do you think?

5. Bryan Cranston

Celebrities: Bryan Cranston
Celebrity: Bryan Cranston

The Breaking Bad actor has been in the industry since 1980 and things are only getting better with him. His skin might have changed because of aging. but his persona and smile remain the same!

6. Christie Brinkley

Celebrities: Christie Brinkley
Celebrity: Christie Brinkley

Looks like the 68-year-old model doesn’t know what aging is. Probably she’s aging in reverse gear!

7. Cindy Crawford

Celebrity: Cindy Crawford
Celebrity: Cindy Crawford (56 years old)

Cindy started as a model was very successful. Eventually, she tried her hands at acting and business ventures. This gorgeous human can slay a bikini or evening gown like no other!

8. Daniel Day-Lewis

Celebrity: Daniel Day-Lewis
Celebrity: Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel must’ve retired from acting, but he cannot retire from looking fine like a wine! Just look at him, all smart and handsome even at the age of 64. He’s passed on his beauty genes to his son who looks just like him!

9. Diane Keaton

Celebrity: Diana Keaton
Celebrity: Diana Keaton (76 years old)

Diane is known for her movies and shows like The First Wives Club and The Godfather Saga. But she’s also known for her fashion style. Now, we will also remember her as one of the celebs who aged like fine wine!

10. Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn

Celebrity Couple: Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn
Celebrity Couple: Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

This couple has been together since Valentine’s Day in 1983 to date. Well, indeed, you glow differently when you’re loved. The couple has aged (obviously) but beautifully!

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