Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is probably one of MCU’s most popular characters; made that much more lovable by the actor himself. Since the first Thor movie, Hiddleston has made Loki a character that seems both cunning and vulnerable; and evil mind with a heart that is mostly good.


Now, Hiddleston and Marvel are back with Loki – the Disney+ series, and expectations are high. The Phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since it was kick started with WandaVision, and then The Falcon and the Winter Soldier; will next be joined by Loki, which is set to start streaming on Disney+ from June 11th.

Now Loki has been a part of Marvel Comics from the very beginning – the brother of Thor who turned out to be an antagonist. But that is not all he is, and we have already seen that from the movies so far. But until now, there have been so many aspects of the character of Loki, that Marvel has not had the time to work on.


But with tom Hiddleston getting a standalone show, we think now is the time to incorporate those into the mix. And the actor, who has done a fantastic job at being this egotistic megalomaniac from day 1; would not let us down in the future. So here are 10 things Loki could add into the show’s storyline from the comics:

  1. Loki’s Sorcery


Loki is first and foremost a sorcerer. Which apparently Marvel has all but forgotten about. All Loki has been doing till now are cheap tricks, which if Loki could see himself, would say were completely beneath him. So the most important thing this Disney+ show could do is give us a Loki who is a powerful sorcerer. Also, more multiple Loki’s at the same time.

  1. Loki’s Ability to Shapeshift


Loki’s magic, as we know, is so vast that it almost seems limitless. One of his biggest powers is the ability to shape-shift. Loki can shape shift into various animals, even objects but one of the fun parts of it is – in numerous occasions in the comics, Loki shape shifted into a woman, and had his/ her fun. So female Loki to make an appearance? Yes please!

  1. Loki’s Fighting Other Magical Beings


Loki as we know is a powerful sorcerer, his magic is one is hardly comparable to others; except some few really dreaded names in the Marvel Cinematic Universe like Dormammu and Mephisto. But how fun would it be if we get to see this Loki fighting against other sorcerers like that of Enchantress or even a face-off with Doctor Strange. Loki for some reason has been greatly depowered in the movies.

  1. Kid Loki


One of the best parts of Loki is from when we got to see him as a kid; and it would be great to bring that comic book aspect to the TV show as well. In a version we see a kid Loki who was born from the sacrifices of an older Loki; and wanted to do genuine good in the world. An alternate version for this Loki to be added to the show would definitely increase the show’s depth.

  1. Loki’s Genius Intellect


Loki is an evil mastermind; but because the movies have shown him just doing cheap party tricks, its difficult to get your mind around it. But if you have read comics, you know that Loki is a genius, and he uses that to create absolute chaos in the nine realms. He even created many devices that he has used to wreck havoc on Earth, and of course on Thor’s life. Remember Thor being turned into a frog? You should!

  1. Loki’s Speed of Thought


Loki’s speed isn’t really measure, but it is said that he can travel with the speed of thought. But it’s not just his movement that is at this speed, Loki can even cast spells at the speed of thought. One of the reasons he is such a powerful sorcerer; is because he has thought and fired his spells at his opponents before they can even think of their next move. And his genius helps, obviously!

  1. Loki’s Power of Creation


Loki has the ability to create whole people out of nothing. In the comics, Loki can be credited with creating numerous Thor villains – including Absorbing Man and Durok the Demolisher. He can also empower individuals, as we have seen him doing with mutants like Sandu and even Storm at one point in the X-Men comic series.

  1. Alternate Universe Loki


Why have one Loki, when you can have two or more? But at the same time, can you imagine the amount of chaos he would be able to create if there was more than one of him. We already have hints that Loki, like most Phase 4 MCU projects would be dealing with the multiverse, so it’s not far off to imagine we would get alternate universe Loki as well.

  1. Loki’s Ability of Astral Projection



Loki can project himself to the astral form, and during this his powers reduce fractionally. Despite that, Loki has been able to defeat his opponents while being in his astral form in many comic versions. This also allows him to travel easily, even across dimensional barriers. Having already seen Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch do it, its high time Loki gets to do his share.

  1. Loki’s Control Over the Eye of Agamotto and Cloak of Levitation


In the Earth-3515 version, Loki is seen to be the master of the Eye of Agamotto; as well as the Cloak of Levitation – not Doctor Strange. As chances are that Loki too might deal with alternate universes, then there is no harm in introducing this Loki into the mix for some chaotic (and evil) fun. Or maybe we can just have Loki do it in the Erath-616 version itself, and antagonize Strange a little.

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