DCEU has given us a lot of great superheroes with awesome background stories and unique traits. All these actors perform their best to portray these characters as perfectly as they can for the fans to enjoy. This shows how deeply they know about their character and knows how to portray it in different situations. But this doesn’t mean that they cannot play any other characters. These actors are super talented and versatile and can play different kinds of roles.

These actors are capable of playing not just the protagonist but they have proved a lot of times that they can also play an evil antagonist. Fans love their favorite actors in different roles and genres. Many actors like Nicole Kidman and Jason Momoa have played as villains in other movies. Besides their positive roles in the DCEU, the fans have accepted them as the villains in other films.

Not all actors have played the villains successfully but they tried their best and showed their versatility. But this is what makes the movies and roles interesting. Many fans might not want to see their favorite superheroes as villains in some other film. But generally fans are pretty chill when it comes to actors playing in different movies.

Here we have gathered a list of actors who have played superheroes in DCEU and villains in other movies.

1. Nicole Kidman In Paddington (2014)


Nicole Kidman is known for her great acting skills and iconic roles. She plays all her characters flawlessly and this is what we all expect from the Oscar-winner Nicole. She has played all types of roles from the serious ones to the fun ones. And one fun character she plays is Queen Atlanta in Aquaman. She has also played the role of an evil taxidermist in the movie Paddington, who wants to capture a rare bear to add him into her collection.

2. Ben Affleck In Dogma (1999)


Ben Affleck’s acting career is full of variety. He has played a lot of different roles and has given iconic performances to the fans. Before playing the Batman in the DCEU, he has done a lot of projects with Kevin Smith and Dogma is one of the most well received. The movie is about two fallen angels, played by Affleck and Matt Damon, who got stuck in the Earth and are trying to go back to the Heaven by using a loophole. Affleck’s character is funny but later reveals his darker side by killing every sinner they come across. His character becomes more evil as he wants the Earth and the Heaven to suffer for wronging him.

3. Henry Cavill In Mission Impossible – Fallout (2018)


Henry Cavill has become a well known actor and everyone’s favorite after his role as Superman. He has played a lot of roles in different movies ever since playing Superman. He played as Walker and was a villain in the Mission Impossible – Fallout. Henry did a great job and fans loved him against Tom Cruise. His character was first introduced as a CIA agent who was assigned to help Ethan Hunt on a crucial misson. But later it was revealed that he is the main villain and wants to use a nuclear weapon to dismiss the World order.

4. Jason Momoa In Bullet To The Head (2012)


Before being known as the Aquaman, Jason used to play a lot of tough bad guy roles. He has played as villain in a lot of movies and shows. And one of his most known role is of the evil henchmen against Sylvester Stallone in Bullet to the head. His axe fight with Stallone was a very good scene and fans loved it. The movie might not be worth watching but the axe fight between these two is definitely worth watching.

5. Amber Heard – Machete Kills (2013)


Even though the movie was a cliché, fans remember Amber’s role as Miss San Antonio, who is a beauty pageant queen and also a double agent. Just like Aquaman, in this movie too she is starred with a long haired hunk but his time against him to kill him. The movie is a total flop but Amber’s villainous character is enjoyable.

6. Laurence Fishburne In Predators (2010)


This movie is about a group of humans that were abducted and then dropped at an alien planet to survive. The group comes across a guy named Noland (Laurence Fishburne), he claims to be a survivor who has been living in the planet for years. He promised the group to hide them in his hidden lair but turns out he is the bad guy trying to steal their supplies and kill them.

7. Jeremy Irons In The Lion King (1994)


Jeremy has played the role of Alfred perfectly and fans love his acting. But he has also played a ton of great roles. His one of the most iconic roles is of Scar from the Lion King. He did the voice acting for the character Scar, the uncle of Simba. Scar was always jealous of his brother Mufasa for having all the power. He murders his own brother and even plans to kill his nephew. Irons has played the role so flawlessly that Scar is one of the most iconic villains of Disney.

8. Russell Crowe – Unhinged (2020)


Crowe played the role of Jor-El in Man of Steel and fans loved his work. Crowe’s acting skills are great and he knows how to leave a long lasting impression. He has played a lot of different roles and his character in unhinged is still something that is pretty evil. The film is about an unnamed man who wants to destroy a woman’s life after a random road rage. The movie might not be that memorable but the character is still known due to Crowe’s awesome acting skills.

9. Chris Pine In Smokin’ Aces (2006)


Fans love Chris as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman movies. But some of his roles before the Wonder Woman movies might not be this positive. In Smokin’ Aces, Chris played the role of a sadist named Darwin Tremor. He is a member of a trio of neo-Nazi assassins. The movie so chaotic and Pine’s acting skills are perfect for the character.

10. Ezra Miller In We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011)


Miller brings the funny in the DCEU with his character Barry Allen, aka The Flash. But when his fans saw him playing a dark character named Kevin in a drama called We Need To Talk About Kevin, everyone was shocked. The drama is about a teenage boy Kevin whose violent tendencies increases in a very thrilling manner.

These are extremely talented and knows how to do their job. They play all their roles perfectly and make the films worth watching. Tell us in the comments what you think about the roles and which one is your favorite of all.


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