No movie is released entirely error-free. Even when the motion picture emerged to be a success, certain aspects of the film are not liked by everyone. At times, some characters might be miscast, and they often tend to be irritating. Let us look at some of such examples of roles that were part of good movies.

The characters are often disliked, and they are termed to be the flawed characters. Let us look at some of the bad characters that were a part of good movies.

1. Scud (Norman Reedus)
Scud's annoying character in Blade 2
A glimpse of The Handsome Scud

Despite launching Reedus for the second time in 2002’s Blade 2, his performance did not create a spark. His role was that of a comic relief character who was considered Blade’s new gadget guy. Due to disclarity in the role assigned, Reedus appeared annoying, irritating, and unconvincing in the movie.

2. Cathy (Jacqueline Bisset)
 Cathy resembled how great roles are not created for women
A look at Cathy

Cathy donned the role of beautiful women appearing as his man’s arm candy. Her contribution in the film included weak monologues and a pretty face. Hollywood needs to move ahead of casting good looking people with very little involvement.

3. Jenny Everdeane (Cameron Diaz)
Donned the role of a pretty women in Gangs of New York
The Beautiful Jenny

Cameron’s role in Gangs of New York was miscast and had no positive function. She added more fuel to the fire between Day-Lewis’s Bill the Butcher and DiCaprio’s Amsterdam Vallon fight. Moreover, her love angle in the movie was not required.

4. Gottlieb (Burn Gorman)
 He played the role of the most funny character
A close look at Burn

Gottlieb’s main function in Pacific Rim was that of a scientific exposition. The way he conveyed his exposition was a good idea however he could have given his best output without appearing as frustrating.

5. Emma Frost (January Jones)
The worst performance in January Jones
The Hottest Emma Frost

Though Emma Frost was the most appealing character in X-Men’s history, her role in X-Men: First Class had no luck. She played the role of a senseless villain in the film.

6. Tucker/Norm (Lee Evans)
 His character was set to woo Mary
The Most Irritating Character

In the movie, Evans played the role of a suitor for Diaz’s Mary. He initially appeared as an English architect; however, later, the truth of him being a pizza delivery man got highlighted. The character failed to create a mark since he seemed to be different than his actual personality.

7. Sheriff Pepper (Clifton James)
Pepper played the role of a lawman
A glimpse of Clifton

The entry of Sheriff Pepper seems to have no direction in the movie. Pepper and James shared a scene during the speedboat chase across Louisiana. However, his role was a failure due to the endless scenes that included him and made him appear the worst.

8. Sam, Edgar & Alan (Corey Haim, Corey Feldman & Jamison Newlander)
Uneven plot of The Lost Boys
A still of the trio

Despite repeated changes, the movie still indicates in bits and parts that it is a kiddie movie. The story took a U-turn and shifted the focus on Micheal’s younger brother Sam and his two annoying friends Edgar and Alan. This is the reason why the movie was flawed at the box office.

9. Ruby Rhod (Chris Tucker)
Weirdest character in The Fifth Element
The Pathetic Dresser

The Fifth Element was a clear-cut hit movie at the box office however the only element that did not create a mark was that of Ruby Rhod. The audiences did not like Ruby Rhod’s character that depicted the role of someone who had a weird sense of dressing.

10. Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw)
 Donned an annoying character
A glimpse of Kate as Willie Scott

Kate’s character in Indiana Jones is one of the awful characters. The main reason for Willie’s casting was to introduce a positive character apart from that of Karen Allen’s Marion, the female lead in the film. Her role failed to create an impact since she came across as someone who is continuously complaining, shouting and has no worthwhile character to play.

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