Naruto is one of the greatest shone anime series of all time. With a global fan base, it is one of the greatest tales ever told. But it is far from perfect. Glaring plot-holes and unresolved mysteries dog the anime series. Here are the most frustrating of the lot.

How Did Rock Lee Pass The Academy Exam?

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In order to become Ninjas, one must study in the Academy and learn the three basic tenets of Shinobi Culture – Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. Students are taught the concepts of stealth and close quarter combat. They are taught how to handle shuriken and basic Chakra based techniques. When Naruto appeared for his final exam to graduate form the academy, he was asked to perform the Clone Jutsu. We all know how that story went. This brings us to the question at hand. Rock Lee also had trouble regulating his Chakra. There’s no way he could perform Genjutsu or Ninjutsu. Did the academy allow him to pass on Taijutsu alone? If so, why wasn’t Naruto given the same treatment??

How did Hashirama Die?

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Hashirama Senju is the most powerful Ninja to ever exist. With the mighty Senju blood giving him an incredibly powerful life force, he mastered the wood release technique. there was no one in the Ninja world who could have taken Hashirama Senju down. Even still, Hashirama died at a very young age. The reason of his death is never divulged. Some claim he died because of the injuries accumulated in his battle with Madara Uchiha. Others say its a disease. There’s also another theory which states that his regenerative healing factor resulted in a shortened life-span.

Where Is The Senju Clan?

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As history says, the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan were the two foundational groups that created the Hidden Leaf Village. Flash forward to the current timeline, the Senju Clan is almost extinct. except Tsunade Senju, no other Senju clan member exists anymore. The Sarutobis are said to be distant relatives of the Senju Clan. Kiba Inuzuka once claimed that he only heard of the Senju Clan in history lessons. Why did Konoha let one of the most powerful bloodlines ever to just wither away and go extinct? Even the Uchihas had more surviving members than the Senjus. What happened?

Why Was Hiruzen Sarutobi Called The Strongest Of All Hokages

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Hiruzen Sarutobi is the Third Hokage of Konoha. Famously known as ‘The Professor”, Hiruzen is multiple times called the Hidden Leaf’s most powerful Hokage. Historically speaking, the Hokages of Hidden Leaf have been crazy powerful. Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, and Minato Namikaze are all incredibly strong shinobis. And they are at most on par with Hiruzen’s abilities. There’s no reason to undermine their power levels. Hiruzen is called the Strongest Hokage ever when there are better candidates like Hashirama Senju. The manga as well as the anime never explained why it was so.

The Fate Of the Uzumaki Clan

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The Uzumaki Clan has ancient roots dating back to the Warring States Period. Their village Uzushiogakure were close allies with the Senju Clan and Konohagakure. During the First Shinobi World war, several villages banded together to wipe out the Uzumaki Clan because of their dangerous expertise in Fuinjutsu. And here’s the thing – nobody ever knew which villages were responsible. and why did not Konoha retaliate when one of their staunchest allies were eliminated? Kushina Uzumaki was a powerful loose end because of her status as a Jinchuriki of the most powerful tailed beast. Why didn’t the people who wiped out the Land of Whirlpools go after Kushina?

Why Didn’t Orochimaru Use the Shinigami Release Mark?

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The Third Hokage used the Dead Demon Consuming Soul Technique to sacrifice himself and take away Orochimaru’s hands. The technique traps the user’s and the enemy’s soul within the belly of a Shinigami – the Grim Reaper of Death. There exists a way to counter the technique. The Shinigami Release Mask found in the outskirts of the village can be used to release the trapped souls. Why didn’t Orochimaru use it sooner? And how the hell did he come to know about it?

The Glaring Flaw With Infinite Tsukuyomi

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The Infinite Tsukuyomi involved trapping the entire world in a grand, unbreakable illusion. Humanity will be forever linked to a Matrix like dream-state simulation. They will forever remain happy and connected to the God Tree, which will enclose them in a cocoon with life-time nutrient supply.  This plan is flawed from the beginning. If Humanity is locked in an illusion, then they have no way of reproducing and giving birth to a new generation. Humanity would die when the current generation trapped in infinite Tsukuyomi eventually dies of old age. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just wipe out mankind instead of forcing it to die a slow, painful death?

Why Were Women Allowed To Be Jinchuriki?

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No there’s nothing sexist with this question. We are not questioning the status of women as Jinchuriki because of their gender. It’s a matter of biology. Each tailed beast is sealed within a person, the seal deteriorating over time because of the tailed beasts’ immense chakra. The point where the seal is at its weakest is during child-birth. A fact we know for sure when Kushina gave birth to Naruto. Given the risk, why would anyone ever make a woman a Jinhhuriki since we know its not safe. If the women gets pregnant, its the final nail in the coffin for the village the Jinchuriki is residing in.

Why Was Kurama Helping Naruto?

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A seal trapping a tailed beast within a human is also a pact. Both must share their power with each other to survive. When the Jinchuriki dies, the tailed Beats also dies. But the death of the latter is only temporary. The tailed beasts eventually regain their form after a few years of their death. all it takes is a little bit of patience. Kurama should have figured this out. He could have let Naruto die and waited it out to regain his form and be free.

The Mysterious Reason Why Yamato wasn’t Put In Charge Of Team 7

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Team 7’s Jonin Instructor is Kakashi Hatake. When he is not around anymore, Yamato is put in charge of the group. Yamato was kidnapped and experimented upon by Orochimaru. He has the rare wood release technique. Wood Release is known to be a powerful and effective method to subdue a tailed beast. Considering the advantages, Yamato should have been Team 7’s Jonin Instructor from the beginning. Why didn’t Konoha make it happen sooner given Naruto’s propensity to lose control?

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