When Vision was introduced in the MCU, we were awed by his remarkable feats. WandaVision has given us a further glimpse into his human side. There’s a greater fan following for MCU’s portrayal of Vision than what’s shown in the comic books. Vision’s superpower prowess is such that some can be better than others. So we have come up with a list of 10 powers of Visions with the rankings!

10. Flight

We have ranked his ability to fly 10th on this list because it’s too basic and no game-changer. However, it has proved to be useful sometimes. What makes this noteworthy, however, is Vision’s ability to combine speed with his flight. This allows him to zoom in toward his targets. Even though many other superheroes can fly, Vision has stood out from them because of his dexterity!

9. Nanobots Shapeshifting

Even if the power appears incredible it is kind of similar to Vision’s usual shapeshifting ability. In Avengers A.I. #1 we discovered that Vision was now made of of nanobots, which he could break down. This was basically to shapeshift.

8. Density Manipulation

In Avengers #332, Vision’s density became ten times greater than that of depleted Uranium. This superpower is commendable since he can change his body density however he wishes. He can become as light as a feather or so heavy that we can’t even fathom. Vision has shown his creativity with his power when he used it underwater or in midair to trick his opponents. We have even seen him become so dense that he is as hard as a diamond.

7. Remote Interfacing

Vision processes information so quickly that his mental capacity is beyond that of a human. He can perform calculations immediately. He can tap into technology almost at will and is somewhat like a humanoid. That’s how Vision can send messages across long-distance within seconds. This super-power is a game changer during battles. However, we don’t see much of this power in the stories.

6. Incorporeal

Vision has made himself intangible a lot of times. A popular example would be in the MCU when Vision had become incorporeal during his fight with Hawkeye. Vision uses this power with so much ease and stealth during his fights. We have seen him use this power often when he drives his arm through the opponent. He turns himself corporeal again and rips the opponent apart.

5. Worthiness

Vision is worthy of Mjolnir and so he can use the hammer. This was actually a creation of the MCU. However, it proved to be quite useful. Vision used the hammer to knock Ultron off of Thor. He could have used lightning just as Captain America did in Avengers: Endgame. However, since the MCU regards worthiness to be a great power, we feel it definitely is another arsenal for Vision. Moreover, it helped him gain Avengers’ trust.

4. Immortality

What can be more powerful than being immortal? Vision is certainly immortal since he is an android and possesses a synthetic body. He can’t age nor can be weak like any other human. Since he doesn’t easily get injured, Vision has been a formidable opponent during combat. He has taken hits from Ultron and Thor. However, Thanos had managed to beat his immortality.

3. Super Strength

Vision is certainly very strong. Having killed so many villains attests to his powers as a superhero. Because Vision is skilled at using his powers in tandem, he becomes a force to reckon with. He applies his powers in a variety of ways and gains an edge over his opponent. He has used his super strength during midair and even while super speed situations. We have also seen a show of his super strength when he uses energy blasts and remote interfacing.

2. Energy Blasts

Vision can use energy blasts which consist of Solar energy in the comic books. However, the one shown in MCU is slightly different as the energy blast here is made of the mind stone. This difference, however. doesn’t change the fact that it’s a formidable power that can be very destructive.

1. Synthezoid Abilities

Vision’s ability to modify his own cells has given him the power to have a conscience. Fans have often been hyped about his relationship with Scarlet Witch. He is an android. He can manipulate the way his body works anytime he wants. He can become human if he wants. The synthetic matter in his body  also allows him to have emotions. According to us, this ranks first because this can allow him to pursue the life he wants.

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