Marvel and Disney have access to a huge variety of villains for the upcoming films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, staring with Phase 4 this year. This list has consolidated ten villains from the comics that are guaranteed to be used in the MCU, be it soon or in the future.

The Mandarin

Property of Marvel Comics

The Mandarin is confirmed to appear in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings next year. He will be played by Tony Leung. Of course, a faux-version of the Mandarin already appeared in the MCU. Ben Kingsley played that character in Iron Man 3.

Leung is playing the real Mandarin and is the leader of a terrorist organisation called the Ten Rings. The Ten Rings appeared in Iron Man, at the very beginning of the MCU. Originally, the Mandarin is an Iron Man villain, but Tony Stark’s death, it seems he is to be utilised as an enemy to Shang-Chi instead.

The Deviants

deviants 1
Property of Marvel Comics

The Eternals MCU debut hints promisingly at the appearance of the Deviants. The Eternals and Deviants are longtime enemies, with the two species being alternate outcomes of an experiment on humans.

The basic plot of the film indicates that it is set after the events of Avengers: Endgame. A leaked list of Funk POP! toys indicated that both Kro and Arishem will feature in the film. Kro is indeed the leader of the Deviants, whilst Arishem is the leader of the Celestials.


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Taskmaster is going to be one of the first villains of Marvel’s Phase 4. Facing off against Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow, it seems that Taskmaster is going to be a worthy opponent.

His abilities come from the fact he can mimic the moves of his opponents. In the trailers for Black Widow, we can already see him copying the likes of Captain America and Hawkeye.

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The Magus

Property of Marvel Comics

Adam Warlock’s debut in the MCU has been heavily hinted at. A tease at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, suggests strongly he will appear in the next Guardians film.

If this is the case, he will more than likely be joined by the Magus. The Magus is essentially a dark part of Adam, possessing only the worst parts of his personality. Originally this was the case due to Adam’s creation via the Infinity Gauntlet, but his origin is expected to change in the films.

Norman Osborn

norman 1
Property of Marvel Comics

Norman Osborn has appeared in both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man franchises. But Tom Holland has yet to come up against one of his biggest villains. With only one solo film currently left on his contract, it seems likely that Norman Osborn will appear to some degree.

It may be too much to expect his turn to full-fledged villain in the form of the Green Goblin, but a first appearance is sure to tease his inevitable future.


Property of Marvel Comics

One of Doctor Strange’s regular foes, Mephisto is essentially a version of the Devil himself. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems like a huge film for the MCU, so it stands to reason it needs a big threat.

Baron Mordo is confirmed to return and Scarlet Witch is rumoured to be some sort of threat, but it could be Mephisto who is the cause of much of this mayhem.

Dr Doom

Property of Marvel Comics

Victor Von Doom has caused trouble for more than just the Fantastic Four. His plots have involved the Avengers, the X-Men, Spider-Man and dozens of other heroes. And now that the rights for his character belong to Disney, it’s highly likely Dr Doom will start becoming a menace for our heroes.

Although his introduction in the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie seems obvious, Dr Doom could potentially be set up in other films, as has been the case with some Marvel villains.

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Property of Marvel Comics

Namor isn’t always a bad guy. But that’s what makes him a particularly interesting character to bring to screen.

Effectively, he can be categorised as an antihero. His care for his own city, Atlantis, and its people are shown to constantly be his priority, meaning that whatever goes on above water, isn’t necessarily his problem. An early tease for his appearance may have appeared in Avengers: Endgame. Okoye mentions that Wakanda has noticed some earthquakes occurring underwater – a likely nod to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis.


annihilus 1
Property of Marvel Comics

Annihilus could become a Thanos-level threat, if used in the right way. As the ruler of the Negative Zone, he has absolute control over everything in that realm. In the famous ‘Annihilation’ comic book storyline, Annihilus led an army from the Negative Zone into the Marvel world an set about destroying planets.

With the MCU set to take a cosmic turn, Annihilus could be a great villain for our space-bound heroes to fight.


Property of Marvel Comics

Galactus, an unstoppable devourer of worlds, is one of the most feared beings in the Marvel universe. Although Thanos’ mass-murdering tendencies were for an apparent greater good, Galactus commits genocide in order to simply stay alive. He feeds off the energy of planets that are teeming with life.

Primarily associated with the Fantastic Four, Galactus could arrive shortly after their debut. This seems likely to be in Phase 5.

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