What if the Marvel Universe also had a connection with the Speed Force Dimension? Which superheroes would thus be worthy enough to become its avatar? Who is fast enough for the mantle?


speedster blur

Blur belongs to an alternate reality earth, the same one the Justice League copy-cat team the Squadron Supreme hails from. Blur’s top speed has never been recorded. He is known to be fast enough to run at least over 300 Miles per Hour. His world was destroyed during the Secret Wars arc and forming a new Squadron Supreme, he fought the Avengers Unity Division. Blur is incapable of resting his body. He is constantly in motion. In order to take a nap, he requires to be injected with powerful sedatives. Like the Flash, Blur requires an enormous intake of food to sustain his speedster metabolism. Remind you of someone? He has been shown to fast enough to keep up with Quicksilver, Marvel’s flagship speedster.

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speedsters speed

Speed is the descendant of a very well-known Marvel speedster him-self. His real name is Thomas Shepherd and he was first introduced in the pages of Young Avengers #10. The guy has taken part in some major Marvel events like Secret Invasion and House of M. The maximum velocity Speed can achieve is Mach 4. That is four times the speed of sound. Quicksilver is faster than Speed by a huge margin. Both of them once had a friendly race. Quicksilver was not even trying and he had Wiccan over his shoulders throughout the race. The superhero is still young and has a hell of a lot to learn. His potential is unquestionable though.


speedsters northstar

Northstar is a mutant superhero. He is a major member of the Canadian Superhero team called Alpha Flight. Northstar has the power to turn his body into a sentient projectile, achieving inhuman levels of speed even normal speedsters could only dream of. He is also one of Marvel’s openly gay characters. His powers allow him to store incredible quantities of kinetic energy in his body, which he can use to propel him forward in short bursts at blistering velocities or parts of his body to trade a superhuman fist or kick with the enemy. While he has never traveled at the speed of light, with the level of his powers, it is potentially possible to do so.


speedsters Slingshot

Yo-Yo Rodriguez has already made an appearance in Marvels’ Agents of Shield TV Series. She is shown to be an Inhuman with the ability of super speed. In the comic books, Fury recruited Slingshot into his personal strike team consisting of Phobos, Sebastian Druid, Hellfire, and Stonewall to take down Skrulls during Secret Invasion. Slingshot’s true speed has never been recorded. The only flaw in her ability is that she has to return to her original position the moment she is done using her powers. The character possesses bionic arms after losing her real ones in a mission gone awry.

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speedsters quicksilver

Quicksilver is one of the fastest mutants as well as Super Human speedsters in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Pietro Maximoff is the son of Magneto and the twon brother of Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch. Pietro is compared with DC’s Flash all the time because of the similarity in their powers. The core elements of both the speedsters’ powers differ but if Pietro ever decided to make a jump to the DC Universe, he would be very easily tapping into the extra-dimensional speed force energy. He makes for a suitable candidate for gaining access to the Speed Force.

Silver Surfer

speedsters silversurfer

Norrin Radd became a Herald of Galactus as a deal with the World Devourer. His planet was spared and in return, he would forever serve Galactus as his Herald. The Silver Surfer possesses the Power Cosmic. This makes him one of the fastest superheroes of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. The Surfer can think and react incredibly fast as well. When you are travelling through space across the vast expanses of the universe, mere light-speed will not do. The Silver Surfer’s speed transcends space and time. There are only a handful of heroes who are faster than him.


speedsters makkari

Makkari is an Eternal. The Eternal are an evolutionary off-shoot of humanity that was experimented upon by the celestials. Makkari uses the cosmic energy manipulation powers he is granted because of his heritage to greatly augment his speed at the expense of his other abilities. The Eternal speedster has fought for humanity during the Second World War. He went by the name of Hurricane and his speed was considered to be the stuff of legends. Makkari is also the only known being to have outrun the Runner, an Elder of the Universe who is called the fastest being of the cosmos.

The Runner

speedsters runner

The Runner is a cosmic entity. He is an Elder of the Universe. His body possesses the Power Primordial, the energy left after the Big Bang event. The Elders of the Universe were the first sentient beings in all of creation. After an eternity of existence, all of the Elders developed hobbies. The Runner’s hobby is his namesake, He likes to run. He has been honing his skills for billions of years. If the Runner enters the DC Universe, he would easily manage to control the Speed Force and achieve levels of speed even the Flash could only dream of.

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speedsters spectrum

Monica Rambeau was the original Captain Marvel. She later gave up the mantle to Carol Danvers and was later known as the hero Spectrum. Monica’s powers allow her to control and manipulate all energies that fall within the electromagnetic spectrum. She also has the power to transform her body into pure energy, achieving speeds unfathomable to the human eye. Since she is astonishingly fast, it would be no problem for her to tap into the Speed Force. She is so creative with using her abilities that she might find new uses of her Speed Force Powers.


speedster quasar

Wendell Vaughn possesses the mighty Quantum Bands which allow him to become Quasar. Vaughn started out as a Stark Industries Security Guard and later become a planetary defender. The Quantum Bands give the hero immensely powerful abilities which also includes hyper-speed! Quasar can transform his body into quantum energy, allowing him to traverse great distances in a span of a few seconds. He is actually faster than the hero Spectrum, thus making him a candidate worthy enough for the Speed Force.

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