“I Used To Think Of Myself One Way, But After This, I Am Something Else. And Still Me, I Think.”- Wanda.

WandaVision has just seen some energizing appearances from significant MCU characters, yet who else could appear in the Disney+ show?
Simply over part of the way through its nine-scene run, WandaVision still can’t seem to uncover all the privileged insights of what’s happening in West View, where the Red Witch has settled with her revenant android spouse. Who could it be?
Taking a gander at hints in the actual arrangement, known information about related MCU projects, and the source material, we should attempt to limit this down to ten presumes who may show up in WandaVision all through the excess scenes. Seems legit, doesn’t it?
If yes, then hop on with us, and let’s see the list.


10. Kang The Conqueror:


One of Avengers’ most prominent enemies, if not the greatest, is the time-traveling Kang The Conqueror. Jonathan Majors has been given a role as the MCU’s Kang, with an affirmed appearance to have a cameo in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.
One would sense that Kang would not just be a one-off villain.
Regarding why he rings a bell as a suspect for a WandaVision appearance, his association with the nominal team’s kids, Kang is a foe of the Young Avengers, of which Tommy and Billy Maximoff were essential for as Speed and Wiccan.

9. The High Evolutionary:


Herbert Wyndham, otherwise known as the High Evolutionary, has had an association with Wanda and her sibling Pietro since quite a while ago.
Abiding in Mount Wundagore, Wyndham made the carnal “New Men,” one of whom, Bova, is the birthing specialist of the Maximoff twins.
The first story was the Magda Eisenhardt unearthed Wundagore and passed on in labor, leaving the twins in Wyndham’s grasp; he thusly offered them to Romani couple Django and Marya Maximoff.
At the point when the MCU’s failure to utilize the X-Men commanded a change of the comic Maximoffs’ set of experiences, it was uncovered in Daniel Acuña and Rick Remender’s Uncanny Avengers.
That the twins had never been mutants – their forces had come from experimentation by Wyndham while in his imprisonment. While the MCU has its own entirely exceptional cause for Wanda’s powers, though Evolutionary could, in any case, be expected for an appearance if Wanda’s association with Wundagore is to be presented.

8. Squadron Supreme:


Dottie, the Alpha in Westview’s bunch of housewives, is a speculate character.
For one, she’s played by Emma Caulfield – referred to class television fans as Anya Jenkins in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Caulfield is not really somebody you’d cast for an expendable job.
In like manner, in the arrangement’s fourth scene, Dottie, as Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes (assumed by most to be the witch Agatha Harkness), didn’t have her actual personality nailed by SWORD.
Some have theorized she could be Arcana, the sorceress of Squadron Supreme heroes from a parallel, DC-esque universe.
WandaVision was said to start an investigation of the multiverse, so opening the entryway for Squadron Supreme would be a characteristic fit.
Additionally, both Dottie and Arcana’s husbands are named Phil.

7. Spider-Men:


The third MCU-set Spider-Man film appears to be that it will investigate the Multiverse.
Affirmed appearances incorporate Doctor Strange—new off his subsequent film, In The Multiverse Of Madness—Alfred Molina as Doc Ock, and Jamie Foxx as Electro. Assumed appearances incorporate both past Peter Parkers played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield alongside Wanda herself.
Given this projecting, it appears to be that Spider-Man will be flung into the Multiverse soon, in a story where Holland’s Peter will meet the past realistic manifestations of Spider-Man. Accordingly, the web-slinger making an appearance in WandaVision is conceivable. The inquiry is, which Spider-Man will it be? Or will it just be one of them?

6. The Grim Reaper:


We know that Grim Reaper, aka Eric Williams, is Simon Williams’s sibling, otherwise known as Wonder Man.
In the comics, the then-perished Simon’s mind designs were utilized to make the Vision.
Astounded at his sibling’s memory’s apparent defilement, Eric has a great resentment against the android.
This comes full circle in Issue #1 of Tom King and Gabriel Walta’s Vision; the Grim Reaper assaults the Vision’s made family, making the android’s better half Virginia has to kill him and covertly cover his carcass in their yard.
While the MCU Vision doesn’t have a similar association with Wonder Man, King, and Walta’s Vision is a good effect on WandaVision; it’s where the show gets its “not-exactly right the suburbs” setting.
In the opening scene of WandaVision Scene 2, bones and a cap taking after the Reaper’s can be seen underneath the wood planks of the nominal couple’s home.
On the off chance that this isn’t only a gesture to one of the show’s persuasions, the Grim Reaper may be because of an appearance, pre or posthumous.

5. Ultron:


Vision’s maker and the Avengers’ greatest foe, Ultron, showed up in the eponymously named Avengers: Age Of Ultron, depicted by James Spader. Even though obliterated by the film’s end (at Vision’s hands no less), funnies’ Ultron has discovered approaches to get back from death over and over, so his MCU partner returning too would have priority.
If breezes up being the situation, there could be no more excellent spot for Ultron to return than in an arrangement where one of his manifestations is half of the nominal couple.
WandaVision’s setting would likewise empower Ultron to return without genuinely being resurrected; he could basically show up as one of Wanda’s fantasies.

4. Chthon:


Another villain with an association with the comic Red Witch is Chthon, a dark Elder God; Chthon is additionally the writer of the Darkhold book of spells. Resting inside Wundagore, Chthon’s impact contacted the infant Wanda.
It denoted her as a vessel for himself—Chthon’s impact is the wellspring of Wanda’s expertise with “confusion enchantment.”
Since Wanda is by all accounts going down a dull way in WandaVision, Chthon would be a superb contender for the wellspring of her debasement.

3. Doctor Strange:


A Doctor Strange appearance on WandaVision appears to be a sure thing.
It’s been affirmed both that Elizabeth Olsen will show up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness—as a companion or foe to the Sorcerer Supreme, however, stays not yet clear—and that the occasions of WandaVision will impact that film. Accordingly, Benedict Cumberbatch showing up in the WandaVision finale to set up Multiverse of Madness would actually be such a spin-off snare MCU projects are known for.

2. Mephisto:


Numerous fans have hypothesized that Mephisto will be a definitive antagonist of WandaVision.
Witches will, in general, get their force from manages the fiend.
If Agnes is for sure Agatha Harkness, it will make sense she’s associated with the Marvel Universe’s likeness Satan.
Another sign is the arrangement’s incorporation of Wanda and Vision’s twin children; in Avengers West Coast issue#52, the twins were uncovered to be the aftereffect of Wanda siphoning Mephisto’s spirit.
The evil presence ruler reabsorbed them back into his being, viably executing them.
If anything would make Wanda make back the initial investment further, that would unquestionably be it.

1. Magneto:


Scarlet Witch has been associated with Magneto from the earliest starting point of her publication history.
She appeared in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s X-Men #4 as an individual from his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants then in Vision and the Scarlet Witch issue #4 by Bill Mantl & Rick Leonardi, their association was reinforced into the family—when Magneto was uncovered as the Maximoffs’ biological dad.

This was retconned in 2015, however, simply because Magneto was inaccessible to the MCU. Presently, however, the Master of Magnetism is allowed to show up in a Marvel Studios creation. Since Evan Peters’ appearance as Pietro in WandaVision episode 5 shows Marvel being bullish on fusing the X-Men, Magneto showing up (may be played by Ian McKellen or Michael Fassbender) unexpectedly appears to be a genuine chance. Ideally, such an appearance would proclaim the comic retcon’s inversion and reestablish the Maximoffs’ legitimate spot as the offspring of Magneto.


So indeed, here are 10 MCU Characters Who Could Appear On WandaVision. Hope you have enjoyed our list.
I really adored Evan Peters’ appearance as Pietro in WandaVision.
I genuinely am cherishing this series, and hats off to Marvel. What about you people?
Let us know whom you would say you expect in the following scenes of wandavision?
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