The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow, and with the addition of Moon Knight to the MCU via a Disney+ series, a previously unknown hero is being introduced to a new generation of fans. Although Moon Knight, AKA Marc Spector and other aliases, has been present since Werewolf by Night # 32, which was released in 1975, he never got as prominent as many of the characters already featured in different MCU projects, so many people are likely unaware of the character’s existence. He’s had multiple eponymous series throughout the years, and there have been some outstanding Moon Knight comic book arcs, so he has a loyal following. The Disney+ show is expected to attract more fans (and it doesn’t hurt that Oscar Isaac plays him). Look through the things below to learn as much as you can about Moon Knight before, during, or after you watch all of the episodes of the Moon Knight series on Disney+. So we at Animated Times have compiled a list of the few things that we fans don’t know about Moon Knight.

10. He’s Harsh When Delivering Justice:


Moon Knight and Batman have been compared over the years, and the characters are similar in many ways. They both lack superpowers, are extremely rich, and can fight in any circumstance against any enemy. They have devices and are excellent detectives. However, there are some significant variances. Aside from the Egyptian god of retribution, the most noticeable contrast between the two is how brutal Moon Knight is against his adversaries. Moon Knight will defeat an opponent and beat the living crap out of them. Then he’ll hit them even harder. When he’s finished, and if the bad guy is a repeat offender, he’ll scare them for life. He carves a crescent shape into the foreheads of his opponents, permanently branding them as having crossed the Moon Knight. Because Batman does not do this (outside of the DCEU), there is a significant difference in how the two characters deal with their adversaries.

9. He’s Worn A Lot Of Hats:


Moon Knight may be a low-level superhero in the Marvel Universe, but he wasn’t always that way. Marc Spector has donned many hats over his career. He’s been a professional heavyweight boxer, a Marine, a CIA agent, and a soldier of fortune. His job as a mercenary ultimately sets him on the route to becoming Moon Knight, because his life would have been quite different if he had not gone on what amounted to his final assignment. Throughout his profession, Spector learns a lot about monitoring, battling, and dominating people. As a result, he is a perfect candidate for Khonshu, the moon deity worshipped by ancient Egyptians. When Khonshu chooses Spector at a young age, his life follows a course that prepares him to become Moon Knight one day, so it’s no surprise that he adjusts to the job as an adult.

8. He Has A High Pain Tolerance:


Marc Spector has a lengthy history of engaging in risky occupations, such as boxing, fighting as a Marine, working for the CIA, and as a mercenary, so he can take a lot of punishment. His pain tolerance is so strong that his adversary, Taskmaster, who can copy someone’s combat technique by merely studying it, struggles to keep up. Moon Knight, according to Taskmaster, is tough to imitate since he does not care to evade his opponent’s punches. Instead, he absorbs the blow and returns it. When Taskmaster tries to remove Moon Knight, he fails because emulating Moon Knight’s fighting technique would result in a pounding so terrible that he couldn’t possibly live.

7. He Fights His Benefactor After Receiving Great Cosmic Power:


In the “Age of Khonshu” narrative, the Moon Knight’s skills receive a significant cosmic boost when Khonshu uses a galactic supermoon to significantly augment his capabilities in a bid for global dominance. The Moon Knight has the ability to physically throw moons from across the cosmos at the God of Thunder during a fight, and he can even seize possession of Mjolnir owing to its obvious lunar roots. He also uses other people’s powers to boost his own. This does not sit well with Spector, who decides enough is enough. With the Phoenix Force, he rebels against Khonshu and breaks his tie with the Egyptian god.

6. He Wears White For A Specific Reason:


The Moon Knight is frequently compared to Batman, and while the two characters share many similarities, one notable distinction is the contrast in their clothing. The Moon Knight wears white, while Batman generally wears black and grey. While Batman prefers to remain in the shadows in order to surprise his foes, Moon Knight does the reverse, which has many wondering why he does so. The explanation is straightforward: Moon Knight wishes to be noticed. He wants to serve the moon as its vigilante, enforcing justice, so he stands out like a sore thumb in the city’s skyline. Moon Knight isn’t interested in stealth, doesn’t care to be quiet, and wants his adversaries to know he’s on their way. He’s earned a reputation for being extremely severe, so when he appears, he’s more than eager to let his foes know they’re in for a major pounding.

5. He Has Dissociative Identity Disorder:


In the comics, one of Marc Spector’s defining traits is his mental health problem, dissociative identity disorder (DID), sometimes known as “multiple personality disorder.” For Spector, the illness means that he has several personas, all trapped within his mind, that drive most of his existence as Moon Knight, fighting crime. Spector has five personas that can express themselves at any time. His major personality, Marc Spector, is the one with whom he is most closely linked. Moon Knight is classified as a separate personality, but that isn’t always the case because it is the manifestation of a deity. Due to his DID, Moon Knight is surprisingly resistant to most forms of telepathy. At first, Spector has the following personality: Marc Spector is a mercenary, boxer, marine, CIA operative, excellent pilot, and boxer. Mr. Knight: An official New York City Police Department detective. Steven Grant: A charming, charitable millionaire who enjoys earning Mr. Jake Lockley is a cab driver who gathers information about criminals. Moon Knight-Khonshu’s incarnation When he received a new series in 2011, he added the following characters to his repertoire: Iron Man-his own version of Tony Stark Wolverine-His own version of Logan Echo-His own version of Maya Lopez Captain America-His own version of Steve Rogers

4. He Is A Card-Carrying Member Of The Avengers:


Moon Knight is mostly a one-man superhero team. He had a sidekick at one time, but he is self-proclaimed, so Marc Spector does not seek him out. However, he had a few team-ups over the years and even joined the Avengers at one point. Almost every superhero in the Marvel Universe has been a member of the Avengers at some point, but Moon Knight is unique. His participation is rare for the character, but he does it nonetheless, and impresses Captain America enough that he is hand-picked to serve as a Secret Avenger. He’s collaborated with the Heroes for Hire, the Defenders, and the Marvel Knights, in addition to the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

3. He Debuts As A Villain:


Moon Knight, like Hawkeye, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, Black Widow, and others, did not begin as a superhero. Instead, he appears as a villain in Werewolf by Night # 32, when he pursues the title’s main character. Marc Spector is presented as a werewolf hunter named Jack Russell. He is employed by the Committee, the same group that provides him with the armor. He’s also given silver weapons, which function effectively as anti-werewolf weaponry. His association with the moon is a pun on the protagonist of the book.

2. Moon Knight Has A Sidekick Of Sorts:


Superheroes throughout the Golden and Silver Ages of comics had sidekicks, many of whom were youngsters. Moon Knight does not start off with a sidekick, but he does get one along the line… sort of. Jeff Wilde is the son of Anton Mogart, also known as Midnight Man, one of Moon Knight’s rogues who has previously fought the hero. Wilde wants to approach things a little differently, so he decides to become a hero in the manner of the Moon Knight, naming himself Midnight. For a spell, he becomes Moon Knight’s self-proclaimed sidekick and works alongside him. Midnight, however, goes in over his head and soon falls under the grip of the Secret Empire. A sequence of circumstances causes him to despise Moon Knight, as he transforms from a sidekick to a wicked villain. Unfortunately, it isn’t all that occurs to him since he undergoes a cyborg transformation, losing much of his humanity in the process. At this point, he resembles his father more than his old “partner,” and he begins murdering innocent people. Moon Knight becomes involved, and after a confrontation with his old “sidekick,” Moon Knight has no option but to slaughter him. While it is unclear whether Midnight (Jeff Wilde) will feature in the first season of the Disney+ series, his father has a significant effect on the story. Midnight Man (Anton Mogart) appears in all six episodes of the Disney+ Moon Knight series’ first season. Gaspard Ulliel, who died in a skiing accident in January 2022, is portrayed by him.

1. He’s Insanely Wealthy:


Marc Spector makes a lot of money from his many jobs (boxer, Marine, CIA agent, mercenary) and invests it properly, so he’s a millionaire. Granted, his Steven Grant personality is the one with the most money, but that doesn’t diminish the importance of Spector or the other personas. His net worth is said to be approximately $2.3 billion. He’s not in the same league as Tony Stark ($80 billion) or T’Challa ($500 billion), but he’s not far behind. Spector leads a lavish lifestyle, but he also spends his money on the creation of several of his moon-themed weapons and armor. He also has a crescent moon-shaped plane.

So there you have it: 10 Moon Knight facts that fans (probably) didn’t know. Well, to be honest, these are some of the most unknown facts about Moon Knight, which we bet you fans did not know about. And we hope that after reading this article, you’ll get a better understanding of the vigilante Moon Knight before Disney’s upcoming series. So, did you guys know any of these facts? Do let us know in the comments down below. Till then, keep on reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination for learning more about the entertainment industry, new movies, TV series, celebrity gossip, and so much more.

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