The Disney+ MCU shows have done a bang-on job at expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But from the looks of how they are doing things, it looks like the Disney+ MCU Shows will meet their doom sooner than later.

Too Much Sequel Potential

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Marvel tends to get very selfish at times. They try to jam in scenes and elements that have nothing to do with the overall plot direction of the shows. They are just their to act as sequel baits. The viewers latch on to those sequel hooks and Marvel reels them in. Monica Rambeau meeting Nick Fury had nothing to do with WandaVision. Scarlet Witch hearing the voices of her apparently dead children and Sharon Carter as the Power broker never furthered the plot either. Rather than give us a complete and satisfying ending, the Disney= MCU shows ends up greedily inserting too much sequel potential. They deny the fans to gain any closure when you realize the fact that most of the Disney+ MCU shows would never get a sequel. They just serve as a platform to market other MCU shows.

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Lackluster Finales

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Where do we begin on this one!! We will all agree to the fact that the Disney+ MCU shows have some of the greatest episodes midway though the series. But when the series is nearing its end, the shows conclude on a note that makes us punch the wall till our knuckles hurt. WandaVision’s finale left much to be desired for. Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s finale carried more weight but the moment they made Sam Wilson a larger than life figure, they ruined it. If all it takes to solve the most pressing global issues is talking, then how come the avengers exist? That Power Broker twist was also equally predictable.

The Run-Times & Episodes Are Too Low In Count

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The Disney+ MCU shows are trying to re-educate users of streaming services here, a practice that may not end well for them. Most people are used to seeing a series have at least 8-10 episodes. The Disney+ MCU shows have far too low episode count. Moreover, the run-time for the shows per episode is also very low. The opening and closing credits themselves take almost 40 percent of the entire episode. This barely makes them a show to begin with. They are actually movies that have been partitioned to be passed off as a series. Disney is playing with fire here, testing the viewers’ patience like that.

Dabbling (& Failing) In Different Genres

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The Disney+ MCU Shows are experimenting with different genres. They know that the different superheroes of the MCU cannot be fit into the same casket. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. WandaVision had comedy, drama, suspense, and action. Falcon And The Winter Soldier was purely action oriented with tinges of espionage and the spy genre put in. Both the shows had their lowest moments because of the change in genre type midway through the series. The first few episodes of WandaVision faced severe backlash from the fans because even the staunchest Marvel fans couldn’t understand what the hell is going on!! It’s ok to experiment but it is also paramount that the shows play to their strengths when things are uncertain.

Not Knowing How To Use New Characters

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Two words – Ralph Bohner. Marvel could have done so much when they took in Evan Peters as Quicksilver in WandaVision. Evan Peters could have paved the way for the eventual debut of mutants in this universe. The Fox-verse and the MCU could have finally become one. What did they do instead? They decided to settle for a lewd joke that was not even that funny. Joaquin Torres is a very well-known superhero in the comics. He was infused with bird DNA and turned into a Human-Falcon hybrid, becoming the second Falcon. What did Marvel do with him? They turned him into Sam Wilson’s errand boy.

Zero Shock Value

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While Falcon And The Winter Soldier did have some shocking moments, it were spread too thin, far, and wide. the moments we remember are when John Walker kills a Flag Smasher and stands back up with a bloodied shield. The other one is when Sam finally becomes Captain America in the season finale. The Disney+ MCU shows have little to no shock value. Adding a bit of that at the end of each episode keeps the audience invested in the series, a common practice in small screen entertainment. Just have a look at Amazon’s Invincible and you would know. That show is full of shock value moments. The Marvel shows on Disney+ struggle in this regard.

Creating Morally Gray Villains To Conform To The New Trend


No longer are movies featuring characters as black and white. they are not inherently evil or innately noble. Most of the villains have tragic backstories that somehow humanizes them, making them relatable as hell. This works well in the movies. But in a series where we have to look at the villain do villainous stuff for multiple episodes, it merely creates confusion. Karli Morgenthau killed innocent lives by blowing up a building. Agatha Harkness was made to look like she was misunderstood by her own coven. There’s no such thing as a well-meaning terrorist or a benevolent mass murderer.

Strict Continuity With The Movies

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For the Marvel Cinematic Universe, every project has to follow a strict code of continuity. Marvel Studios has an army of strategic project planners that have joined forces with seasoned comic book specialists for the same reason. Unlike the DCEU, the MCU boasts of an iron clad continuity. It is their biggest asset. But for the Disney+ MCU shows’ case, it is their biggest weakness. Making the shows conform to movie continuity sounds like a good idea on the surface. But dig deeper and you will know why it is counter-productive. It leaves very little creative leg-space and too little room for a unique narrative not slave to the movies and the already established movie characters.

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Breadcrumbs That Lead Nowhere

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This is a problem that has kept persisting in both the Disney+ MCU shows. So many red Herrings have remain unanswered and not attended to. Marvel Studios have a habit of hyping up things to its certain boiling point and letting things cool down abruptly. They never give the fans an explanation on why they charged the crowd in the first place. Baits are common in Disney+ MCU shows to reel in new viewers. But they have more or less been a let-down. We all thought the Flag Smashers will be the next HYDRA. When Contessa Valentine Allegra de Fontaine showed up, we were sure she is Madam Hydra. Quicksilver showing up in WandaVision was supposed to be a nod to the X-Men. None of those were ever addressed.

The Avengers Connection Is Overlooked

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If the Disney+ MCU Shows are a part of the MCU, they are happening in a world that gave birth to the Avengers. And the singular question in most viewers’ heads are – where the hell are the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Many have died or retired for sure. Some are off planet. But shouldn’t the rest of the heroes on Earth that survived Endgame be looking out for the others? When Wanda created the Hex anomaly, why weren’t Sam. Bucky or even Hawkeye not even given a mention? War Machine and the Hulk could have easily defeated the Flag Smashers when they took delegates from all across the world hostage. The Avengers are ready to overlook an international incident of this magnitude?

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