Marvel fans have always loved the fantastic back-stories of superheroes. They are described as ordinary people who walked the extra mile, affected by something in their past. Often, parents have been seen to play a pivotal role in the hero’s life. This article intends to walk the readers through the lives of 10 unique amazing parents of well-known Marvel icons.

1. Gaea: Thor’s ‘Real’ Mother

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Odin and Frigga are widely-known as Thor’s parents. But the comics claim otherwise. To sire a son who would match his strength on Earth and Asgard, Odin sought Gaea, an Elder God who was the Earth’s physical manifestation.

2. Captain Marvel’s half-Kree

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Carol Danvers undoubtedly had a human father. But her mother was Mari-Ell, a Kree warrior hiding as a human. This had impacted Carol’s life immensely. She also may have a Kree half-sister.

3. Iron Man is adopted!

The fans have enjoyed Tony Stark’s defining relation with Howard and Maria Stark. But Tony was adopted and raised as a ‘decoy’ for their real son Arno for an alien entity’s threat. Tony’s biological parents were SHIELD agent Amanda Armstrong and Hydra member Jude.

4. Professor X had Bad Dads

Professor X’s Dad (Probably Unwittingly) Worked For Mister Sinister 
Charles Xavier’s father Brian died in a lab-accident shortly after he discovered his mutant powers. His mother married Dr. Kurt Marko, his dad’s colleague. His stepbrother would be the Juggernaut in the future. Both Brian and Kurt were part of the ‘Black Womb Project’ to monitor mutant-kind under Mr. Sinister.

5. Red-Skull killed Spiderman’s Parents

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Spiderman’s origin story is one of the most famous among Marvel fans. His Uncle Ben and Aunt May are much well-known. However, his parents Richard and Mary Parker had close ties to the superhero community. Aside from working at Oscorp, they were undercover CIA agents. While infiltrating Red-Skull run Algerian spy ring, they were executed by a plane-crash. Peter has a sister, Teresa.

6. X-Men’s Cyclops is the son of a Space-Pirate

What makes Cyclops (Scott Summers) a compelling character? - Quora
Scott and Alex Summers were raised in separate orphanages and developed mutant powers growing up. They later found out that their biological parents were Christopher and Katherine Summers. Katherine died giving birth to their brother Gabriel. Christopher later appeared in multiple comics as Space-Pirate Corsair, teaming up with Cyclops and Havok.

7. Miles Morales’s father is a Cop.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) | Spiderman, Jefferson davis, Man
In the Ultimate Spiderman comics, Miles’ dad, Jefferson Davis, previously a SHIELD agent, explains his dislike of heroes. He retired to be a cop at the NYPD. He appears in ‘Spiderman: Into the SpiderVerse’ as a cop.

8. Mystique is a parent to NightCrawler and Rogue

ComicBytes: The origin story of Kurt Wagner, X-Men's Nightcrawler | NewsBytes
Mystique is well-known among X-Men fans for her villain image and sharp mind. A much-lesser known fact is that she is the mother to Nightcrawler with the demon Azazel. She also raised runaway teen Rogue as her child and trained her as a member of Evil Mutants’ Brotherhood.

9. Luke Cage had a Super-Commoner Father

Reg E. Cathey's final role is Luke Cage's father in season 2 of Marvel's Netflix series
Luke’s father, James Lucas, was a former NYPD detective. He was previously a part of the ‘Mighty Avengers’ with Blue Marvel and Blade.

10. Cyclops is a Dad too!

Is Cable the son of Cyclops? - Quora
The superhuman soldier Cable from Deadpool 2 is Scott’s child with Jean Grey look-alike Madelyne Pryor in Alaska. Cyclop’s had to send Nathan to the future to manage his techno-organic virus infection.

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