When it comes to pairing off key characters and presenting acceptable love interests, television programs usually get it right. However, when a series ends abruptly, loose ends aren’t always wrapped up for these characters, especially when it comes to their romantic relationships. Other times, shows go on much too long and lovers are unable to repeat their roles in order for a character’s happy ending to occur. Certain couples did not receive the screen time they deserved, whether it was due to a prominent couple’s overshadowing or because they were simply undervalued and subsequently became fan favorites. When one of these couples does not live happily ever after, it is up to the audience to determine what happens to them after the play. Sounds interesting? If yes, then let’s hop into the list of 10 TV Couples Who Should Have Been Together But Didn’t and find out who these couples are.

10. Finn and Rachel from Glee:


“I’ve never been a fan of Glee, but Finn and Rachel have piqued my interest. Honestly, that was the most devastating for me since their love was genuine. ” “I mean, we all know why that didn’t happen, but still. They were arguably the greatest pair on the program, and while their relationship began off rough, towards the end of it, they were really pushing each other to be their best selves. They loved each other strongly even after they broke up, and I’ll always say they didn’t get the happy ending they deserved. ”

9. Glenn and Maggie from The Walking Dead:


“I was very excited to see their small family.”

8. Regina and Robin from Once Upon a Time:


“Regina thoroughly earned her happy ending after enduring so much and redeeming herself. It still makes me cry when I think about it. They were a match made in heaven. ” “I don’t understand why he had to die; they were so cute together and made each other so happy!”

7. Clarke and Lexa from The 100:


“Their romance will eternally ruin me; it had such a beautiful arc to have it all wrecked in seconds. I can only imagine the kingdom they could have established together. ”

6. Bonnie and Enzo from The Vampire Diaries:


“They were the most in love pair on the program and one of the least troublesome. I’m still not over Enzo being killed off during the last season for the sake of shock value. ”

5. Lane and Dave from Gilmore Girls:


“To be honest, these two deserve a lot more credit. While they were both minor characters, they had a strong bond. They were a match made in heaven from the moment they met. He even read the entire Bible to her as a sign of his devotion. I stopped watching the program once he moved away and Lane started dating Zach. ”

4. Phoebe and Cole from Charmed:


“Anyone who thinks these two don’t deserve to be up here is WRONG.”

3. The Doctor and Rose from Doctor Who:


“That was the most heartbreaking episode of Doctor Who I can recall.” “The saddest thing is that Rose had her happy ending while the doctor didn’t, to be honest.”

2. Haley and Andy from Modern Family:


“I was really upset when I found out they had broken up. They had such wonderful chemistry that I doubt she will ever find it again. Her previous and subsequent partners had been so predictable and uninteresting. Andy added adventure and sexual tension to the table, and I believe the breakup was a major blunder. ”

1. Haley and Elijah from The Originals:


“They were the pair that, with the way the show finished, shattered my heart!!”

So yeah, 10 TV Couples Who Should Have Been Together But Didn’t. These are some of the characters that should have been together but somehow ended up not being. So what do you guys think about these characters as couples? Should they be a couple or not? Please let us know all in the comment section below, and till then, keep on reading Animated Times, the ideal site to learn about the entertainment business, new movies, TV shows, celebrity gossip, and much more. We’ll keep you updated, and you can find us on Instagram and Facebook.

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