A very selfish, gross, and sinister character, Lord Orochimaru is regarded as one of the best villains in the world of anime. But was he really the villain? Or was he just masquerading as one? Did Lord Orochimaru pull an ‘Itachi Uchiha’ on us without us noticing??

Hashirama Senju’s Cells Were An Attempt To Create Super Soldiers

Hashirama Senju is considered the God of all Shinobi. Even after generations of Ninja that came after him, he is still considered the strongest of them all. The secret to his power was his powerful Senju bloodline and the unique and devastatingly strong Wood Release Kekkei Genkai. No ninja in the Hidden Leaf of Senju bloodline could ever replicate that power in Naruto. So Orochimaru took it upon himself the figure out the secret technique of the Shinobi God and create Wood release users from scratch. It was all for bolstering Konoha’s defense since he started experimenting on children to see if they were compatible with wood release. But he never granted the power to himself.

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His Experiments With Impure World Reincarnation Was Yet Another Attempt

Orochimaru prepares Edo Tensei

Orochimaru was a man of action. He believed in redundancy. Experimenting on Hashirama Senju’s cells to recreate Wood release was only one way to protect Konoha. He needed more immediate methods to defend the Village against powerful foes. The Impure World Reincarnation was a forbidden technique that could resurrect the dead. Orochimaru and Kabuto travelled far and wide to gather the DNA remains of powerful Shinobi. The only question is – why did Orochimaru put so much effort into this technique to create an army of un-dead super soldiers? Who was he defending himself against? The only logical explanation is that he was not doing to for himself. He was creating a secret army for the Hidden Leaf.

He Joined The Akatsuki Only To Gather Intel On Them For The Leaf

orochimaru Akatsuki

Why did Orochimaru join the Akatsuki? Was it to escape persecution from the Hidden Leaf Village? He is one of the three Sannin, the three great ninja sages. He is perfectly capable of defending himself against a small time Anbu assassin. The actual reason was to create an image. Orochimaru needed to show to the world he no longer was allied to the Hidden Leaf. That way, he gets a surefire ticket to the Akatsuki since he already has a sinister reputation that precedes him. As an Akatsuki member, Orochimaru started relaying critical information to Konoha.

He Kept The Reverse Reaper Death Seal a Secret Trump Card Just In Case

There is an ongoing theory that Orochimaru planned for all the four Kages to be sealed inside the Death Reaper’s belly. This was his ultimate trump card in case Konoha faces the threat of total obliteration. Think about it, he was a Ninja known to be very well-informed about his enemies’ abilities. Orochimaru had a high probability f knowing Hiruzen would use the Reaper Death Seal on him as a last resort. All he needed to do was push him into doing so. He could have resurrected any other powerful Ninjas rather than the two Kages in his fight against Hiruzen. The theory states Orochimaru was planning it all along. The Reverse Reaper Death Seal was supposedly Orochiamru’s contingency in case Konoha is abou to fall.

He Was Gathering Kekkei Genkai For The Leaf

kimimaro orochimaru.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=960&h=500&dpr=1

Orochimaru showed a lot of interest in Kekkei Genkai, After mastering Senjutsu and all he could muster up from scrolls and scriptures, his next objective was gathering unique abilities not found anywhere else on the planet. Techniques like Jugo’s natural Senjutsu chakra absorption were replicated using Cursed Seals. Other abilities like Kimimaro’s Shikotsumyaku and Karin’s powerful sensory technique – Mind’s Eye of the Kagura were unique abilities Orochimaru was acquiring for the Leaf in secret.

Orochimaru, Not Itachi, Did It First


Like we said, Orochimaru joined the Akatsuki for gathering information that would be sent to the Hidden Leaf. When the other members grew too suspicious of him, Lord Orochimaru fled the scene. So Konoha looked for a replacement. And they chose Itachi Uchiha for the job. After slaughtering all but one of the Uchihas, Itachi becomes a part of the Akatsuki. Orochimaru is then left to his own devices. He soon flees after Itachi joins the organization. Lord Orochimaru would then focus on his experiments to create techniques to help the Leaf.

His Sasuke Obsession Was To Secretly Protect The Coveted Uchiha Bloodline

Sasuke Wakens His Mangekyo Sharingan

The Uchihas are not the most beloved of people in Konoha. They are seen as objects of sheer hatred. After they tried to conduct a coup and depose the Konoha council, they were swiftly wiped out by Itachi. Now that Itachi and Sasuke were the only two remaining Uchihas, someone needed to do something to protect the coveted Dojutsu. The Uchihas were one of the two founding member clans of the Hidden Leaf and they had Godlike power in their eyes. Orochimaru wanted to possess sasuke not just to protect the Sharingan but also unlock its many secrets like the Mangekyou and the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, techniques that were thought to be mere myths before Sasuke actually unlocked them later.

He Killed Hiruzen Only Because The Leaf Had Become Too Weak Under Him

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Before the Hidden Sand’s invasion of the Leaf during the Chunin Exams, Orochimaru had been vocal about his disdain for the mere thought of killing the Third Hokage. He thought it was not worth his time. So why did he change his mind so suddenly when he impersonated the Kazekage and killed the Third Hokage anyways? The reason is very simple – Konoha was getting too weak under Hiruzen’s leadership. With too lax administration, conspiracies and politics had been creeping up within Konoha’s highest echelons. Hiruzen was too blind to see it so he needed to go. The moment Hiruzen was replaced by Tsunade, Konoha became a military power to be reckoned with.

His Connections To Root

orochimaru and danzo1

Lord Orochimaru was many things. A hundred per cent benevolent, he was not. He new sometimes, as warriors, ninjas needed to get their hands dirty. You cannot expect a Shinobi to be a perfect hero in such tumultuous times. And that is why he allied himself with root. Another reason was Danzo funded his little experiments. But it was all for the benefit of Konoha. What Orochimaru was looking for was a way to serve the Hidden Leaf, albeit in his own twisted fashion. But when even Danzo went too far, he defected the Leaf with Kabuto and carried out his operations from afar.

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Created The Land Of Sound As a Strategic Buffer Between The Leaf & Its Foes

Naruto+World+Map+Hidden+Sound+village animeipics

Lord Orochimaru had so many hideouts all across the world. Why did he need to create a separate ninja village? Some might claim he needed diplomatic immunity for all the inhumane experiments he did. But in reality, he did not need to do those experiments within Land of Sound. His secret laboratories were located in too remote locations for any ninja to infiltrate. The real reason Orochimaru created the Land of Sound and in that specific location is more to help the Leaf.

He needed to be in close proximity to the Land of Fire. Out of the five great Ninja villages, only two had sufficient power to challenge the Leaf – the Hidden Cloud Village and the Hidden Stone Village. Both the villages used the Land of Rice as a buffer point into the Land of Fire and the Hidden Leaf. The Land of Rice was conquered by Orochimaru and he convinced the Daimyo to establish Hidden Sound to keep a check on spies infiltrating Leaf.

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