The Arkham Asylum holds some of the most insane and unhinged super villains of the DC Universe. But how many Marvel characters are eligible for an entry?


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to be a Madman is one thing. To be fully aware of your insanity and using it as a weapon to hurt others is another. Madcap was once a religious man. he followed the teachings of God and preached the good word. He meant no harm to anyone. All he cared for was his family. Then A.I.M came into the picture. After bathing his body in an experimental compound, he was given an incredibly powerful healing factor. The accident killed his entire family. Madcap was driven beyond the edges of insanity after watching his family die. He tried killing himself, only for his healing factor to bring him back each time. In the end, Madcap realized the world is a lie and decided to destroy it. His level of madness was overwhelming even for a guy like Deadpool.

Scarlet Witch

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Scarlet Witch has access to the powerful Chaos Magic. She is a Nexus Being, an entity who can affect entire timelines with her power. Wanda is the last woman in the world you would want to suffer a psychotic break. But she has been though bouts of psychosis multiple times. Every time she lost control, her powers were unleashed and the entire universe paid a price. With help from her friends, she was able to regain her marbles. But for how long? Wanda Maximoff is a flight risk and an absolute liability of left unchecked and uncontained.

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Hank Pym

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That’s right. One of the founding members of the Avengers made it to this list. Hank Pym is arguably the greatest mind in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Many would say even the great Reed Richards and Tony Stark do not have the level of intelligence Hank Pym boasts of. But the man who discovered the Pym Particles also suffers from a serious case of Bipolar Disorder. He is extremely volatile at times. He once hit his wife Janet once because of his mental disorder. That is an act that has plagued Hank Pym ever since. The man needs to be psychoanalyzed and diagnosed.


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Sabretooth and Wolverine share a lot in common. But the former ranks higher in many aspects like wild behavior, aggression and ferocity. Sabretooth kills without hesitation. He is cold-hearted and actually takes pleasure in inflicting pain on others. His wild nature led him to sexually assault and kill Silver Fox, Wolverine’s lover. He has been an assassin for hire since forever. And that is because this is the only profession violent enough to give him peace of mind.

Green Goblin

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The Green Goblin was born out of Norman Osborn taking the Goblin Formula. It gave him heightened physical attributes but also left him with a severe case of dementia and Bipolar Disorder. Norman had a hard time remembering what he did when he came out of a blackout. the blackouts kept happening because the Green goblin persona used to take over. In time, Osborn developed an unhealthy obsession for Spider-Man. He had no regard for life, not even his own son mattered to him. The Green Goblin is also a megalomaniac and thrives in other people’s sufferings.


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Legion is the son of Professor X. He is an Omega Level Mutant with near limitless abilities. His psyche has been fractured to multiple smaller ones. Legion has access to a range of abilities like time travel, pyrokinesis, telepathy, telekinesis, flight, super strength and superhuman speed. But he can only use one ability at a time based on which psyche has taken over his body at that point in time. To hold Legion in, Arkham Asylum would require an infinite amount of sedatives to keep him unconscious forever.


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When you realize you are just a character created by an artist in another dimension for a comic book, you would definitely go crazy. Life would no longer hold any meaning. The moment you start breaking the fourth wall, there is no going back. Deadpool is a psychotic SOB. But he was a man of ambiguous mental stature even before he realized the truth behind his world. Deadpool is most definitely a prime candidate to become an inmate of Arkham Asylum.


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He is the most powerful superhero the Marvel Comic Book Universe has ever seen. Robert Reynolds has the power of a million exploding suns running through his veins. He has survived an incredible amount of punishment without even getting a scratch. He has ripped literal Gods in half. He is powerful enough to tear through the fabric of reality. But such an incredible amount of power comes with a massive price. Robert Reynolds suffers from extreme schizophrenia. Within his mind, lives another fractured psyche called the Void, which takes over at times and makes him do the vilest of things.

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The Hulk

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The Hulk suffers from unexplainable bouts of rage. The guy loves violence like children love ice-cream on a hot Sunday afternoon. A group of clinical psychologists once got together and diagnosed Bruce Banner. banner suffers from a mental condition called Intermittent Explosive Disorder. The mental condition makes a person lose control of himself when angered, leading to intense behavioral outbursts and impulsive aggression. Given the level of brute strength the Hulk possesses, we do not want him raging all across town just because he is angry. Arkham asylum should take him in.

Moon Knight

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Marc Spector is a superhero. he has done a lot of good. But he is also prone to fits of unpredictability. As the avatar of the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu, Moon Knight gains more power when under moonlight. The magnitude of moonlight also increases his insanity level. Marc Spector has been known to inflict pain on himself just to nab the enemy. He has multiple identity disorder, making him a dangerous liability if left unsupervised in the streets.


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To be precise, we mean Cletus Kasady. The serial killer so repulsive and vile it would give even the greatest of psychopaths a chill down their spine. Cletus Kasady began by torturing young animals with power tools. he kileld his family pet because he thought it was hogging all of his mother’s attention. Kasady ended up doing a lot worse. Murdering and pillaging his way through adulthood, his crazy psyche drove an entire symbiote into madness. Kasady, as Carnage, became an Angel of Death feared by all.

Typhoid Mary

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Mary Walker is a victim of the Multiple Identity Disorder. She has three distinct personalities. The first persona is Mary, and she is a pacifist. The second persona is Typhoid and she is a misandrist. The third persona is called Bloody and she is all about sex and violence. The three come together to form the Daredevil villain Typhoid Mary. An exceptionally skilled martial artist with the power to burn people alive via the power of her mind, it stands to reason to believe that she needs to be locked up as soon as possible in Arkham Asylum.

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