So many TV Shows have moments that make our hearts skip a beat….and for all the wrong reasons. These are the moments in TV entertainment history that get us every time.

Dawson’s Creek – Pacey Talks To His Drunk Father

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Alcoholism is something the world suffers from since more than a century. There is no cure. With life so fast paced and brutal, people tend to succumb to the dark temptations a bottle of rum offers. This was the scene that made us all cry. Pacey is looking for answers. He is asking his dad when did he start loving alcohol more than his own son.

Full House – Uncle Jessie Moves Out

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Uncle Jessie and Michelle shared a very sweet relationship. It was one of the many highlights of the hit series. When Jessie finally moves out of the house, the look on Michelle‘s face says it all.

Friends – Chandler Telling Monica They Won’t be Able To Conceive

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Monica has always tried to be a good host all her life. And the scene where she hears Chandler telling her that it would be hard for them to get pregnant gets us all every time. The couple did not deserve such injustice at all!!

This Is Us – Beth Gets William’s Post Card

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Not many have watched this gem of a show. But even if you don’t want to watch it or planning to in the near future, this scene will appeal to you. There’s so much loss in one scene.

This Is us – Nicki Being Born 2 Minutes Before October 19

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Had Nicki been born just a few minutes later, it would have been October 19. That would mean he would be safe from the Vietnam Draft. Then the camera pans over to all the children in the infirmary. All those October 18 children along with Nicki would be liable for milutary conscription.

Call The Midwife – Sister Julienne Caresses A Dead Baby Left Out By The Open Window To Die

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The most devastating episode of this highly underrated series was when the morning sickness drug – Thalidomide, was all the rage. The drug creates deformities in newborn babies. An infant victim of the drug was born with deformities. The parent left the toddler out by the window to die a slow, painful death in the cold. When Sister Julienne gets a hold of that child, trying to talk to it – we all cried oursselves to sleep thatr night.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D – Hunter & Bobbi Receive The Spy’s Goodbye

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Hunter & Bobbi took one for the team. But SHIELD cannot publicly acknowledge their sacrifice. So the rest of the team give a sad, silent goodbye to the iconic duo – with a shot whiskey in their hands. It’s all quiet but so powerful.

Outer Banks – Kie & Pope Hug JJ

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Both Kie and Pope are mad at JJ for splurging on a bath tub. But then JJ gets up from the water. His entire body is covered in bruises. His dad repeatedly subjects him to domestic physical abuse which they later realize. Kie and Pope hug their friend as tightly as possible. Gets us every time.

Scrubs – Dr. Cox Loses all 3 Patients To A Kidney Transplant Procedure He Pushed For

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Scrubs has some highly underrated but legendary moments. In one episode, Dr. Cox pushes for a kidney transplant for 3 patients. The procedure is a success but all the three patients die due to complications that happen after a short while. A doctor should never blame himself for the death of his patients if he has given his best to save them. Who has the will to say that to a devastated Dr. Cox?

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – Zoey Finds Out Her Dad Is Dying

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And then she starts singing a song so apt for the occasion we all break down into tears. That ‘How Do I’ song makes us all cry like little babies.

Doctor Who – The Doctor Disappears before He Could Say I Love You To Rose Tyler

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The Doctor really loved Rose but when the time came for the two to bid adieu, he finally decided to profess his love for her. But fate had different plans. Before even he could say goodbye, Doctor Who disappears. Rose never got a chance to know how he felt.

M*A*S*H – Hawkeye Remembers The Woman He Told To Silence Her Baby Actually Killed It To Save Them

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This scene gave us goosebumps. It made our blood boil and sent chills down our spine at the same time.

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