Squid Game, Netflix’s next dystopian blockbuster, has us utterly captivated. The Korean series was only recently added to the streamer, but it’s all Twitter can talk about, and we’re not complaining. The hit show follows a group of individuals who are deeply in debt and have financial problems who are asked to participate in a series of children’s activities in order to win a large quantity of money. What they don’t realize-until it’s too late-is that losing the games has far-reaching repercussions. I mean, has there ever been a more engrossing premise? Because we are completely hooked, we at Animated Times have compiled a list of 13 of the finest behind-the-scenes photos from the set of the series, so you can continue obsessing even after you’ve finished watching it all.

13. Get to know each other:

Getting to know each other
This photo makes us feel so happy inside, huhu.


12. Park Hae Soo and Heo Sung Tae taking selfie:

 Park Hae Soo and Heo Sung Tae taking a cute selfie together.
Park Hae Soo and Heo Sung Tae taking a cute selfie together.


11. Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Yoo Mi!!

Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Yoo Mi Enjoying Together
Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Yoo Mi enjoying together.


10. Christian Lagahit’s ,friendship with Ho Yeon:

Christian Lagahit's friendship with Ho Yeon
Christian Lagahit’s friendship with Ho Yeon.


9. Yoo Mi took a selca using Ho Yeon’s phone:

Yoo Mi took a selca using Ho Yeon's phone
Yoo Mi taking a selca using Ho Yeon’s phone.


8. Naman Sung Tae taken by Ho Yeon:

Naman of Sung Tae taken by Ho Yeon:
This photo naman of Sung Tae is taken by Ho Yeon.


7. Sworn enemies but only onscreen~

Enemies but only onscreen
Sworn enemies on onscreen only.


6. Kim Joo Ryung and Sang Woo:

Kim Joo Ryung with Sang Woo
Kim Joo Ryung along with a handsome man Sang Woo.


5. Joo Ryung used an adorable filter:

Joo Ryung's amazing filter
Joo Ryung eonnie’s filter for this adorable pic.


4. The process:

Waiting For The Shot
The process before a perfect selfie.


3. The result:

Result of a perfect selfie
The result of a perfect selfie.


2. Best dressed award goes to:

And the best dressed award goes to…


1. Wi Ha Joon and Hae Soo:

Wi Ha Joon and Hae Soo
Wi Ha Joon and Hae Soo, are just here for *manifesting*

So there you have it: 13 Squid Game Behind-the-Scenes Photos that are both joyful and stress-free. To be honest, the guys’ squid game is one of the most interesting drama series that has yet to be aired. Have you ever seen a K-drama that was so frightening that you had to watch some parts with one eye open? Because that’s how I feel every time I watch an episode of Squid Game. The popular thriller is an intense program that I would not suggest to the faint of heart. So, how do you feel about the show? Did you like these 13 behind-the-scenes photos from the show? Please let us know in the comments section below. Till then, we will see you lads in the next article, but don’t forget to keep on reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination for getting a closer look into the entertainment industry, upcoming movies and TV series, celebrity gossip, and much more. We have got you all covered. Continue reading Animated Times, guys, for more.

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