Are you one of those who are curious about the world, especially about our beautiful planet Earth? If so, you would be excited to know some interesting yet terrifying facts about the ocean. After all, our planet is 70% water that is crucial for the ecosystem of our planet.

So, let’s find out what’s hidden in the deep depths of the vast oceans!

36,200 feet (11,030 meters) deep! That’s the deepest part of our ocean







Located in the western Pacific Ocean with Mariana Trench at the southern end, the deepest part of the ocean is known as Challenger Deep.

Diving and swimming into such a depth is certainly a challenge that no human has achieved yet!

Extremely hot hydrothermal vents are present in deep sea

Champagne vent white smokers







Also known as deep-sea vents, these hydrothermal vents can reach a temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The hydrothermal vents are a way for Mother Earth to let out some steam, literally!

The temperatures are so high that you would literally melt!

Oceans have black holes






And you thought black holes only exist in space! Well, they do deep in the ocean too. Black holes in the ocean act just like the black holes in space. What goes in never comes back!

These black holes are as big as cities!

Total darkness in the ocean

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You will find that most of the ocean has total darkness! Once you go below 656-feet (200 m mark), you will need night light! This is also known as the twilight zone of the ocean.

Well, we don’t what’s lurking in that darkness!

You can die in the ocean

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Well, we are not talking about being eaten by a shark. Well, that certainly is the possibility! However, we are talking about the extensive pressure ocean can exert on your body that can kill you.

So, according to National Ocean Service the deeper you go, the more pressure the ocean water exerts in your body. With every 33 feet (10 meters approx.), the pressure increases by one atmosphere.

Colossal Squid, they exist!







If you still think that colossal squid is just some mystical creatures, you are in for a surprise. Because they do exist!

Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni is the scientific name of this supposedly mystical yet totally real squid that stays in the deep ocean. The colossal squid is about 330 pounds (150 kilograms).

Shipwrecks in the ocean bottom

wp6440951 famous shipwrecks wallpapers





Did you just think that the Titanic was the only ship that sunk in the ocean? Well, the number is around 3 million! These many shipwrecks are present in the bottom of the ocean in different locations around the world.

There is a White Shark Café

wp4072156 shark wallpapers






We suggest you not visit this café if you want to live a long life! White Shark Café is a specific remote spot in the Pacific Ocean where all the Great White Sharks gather en masse.

Probably that’s what we can call a family gathering for sharks!

Terrifying creatures in the deep ocean

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If these facts weren’t terrifying enough for you, here’s another one! You will find truly dangerous creatures in the deep ocean that will surely give you nightmares.

Vampire squids and Deep-sea Dragonfish are all real creatures, and they will give you shivers down your spine! Probably we are not sleeping tonight!

10 million viruses in 1 ml of ocean water

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Oh yes, that’s right! If you take 1 ml of ocean water and test it, you will be spending countless hours in the lab finding more than 10 million viruses. And this brings us to our next fact.!

Viruses in ocean water outnumber stars in Milky Way






Surprised, aren’t you? We were too! We always thought about the billions of stars in our galaxy. But more than 10 million viruses in just 1 ml of ocean waters just blew our minds!

Rogue waves, they are real!

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According to the National Ocean Service, rogue waves are real and extremely dangerous, and terrifying. These waves are twice the size of the surrounding waves and can come from any direction.

Rogue waves are very unpredictable and don’t depend on prevailing winds and directions. They can come anytime from anywhere.

Large parts of the ocean are unexplored







Finally, more than 80% of the ocean is unexplored! We still don’t know what creatures, plants, microorganisms live in our oceans and contribute to run this planet.

Hope someday we can explore and find some extraordinary things from the ocean!

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