Created By Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis and produced by Tiger Aspect Productions Mr. Bean was a British sitcom starring Atkinson as the main lead in this TV serial. Mr. Bean TV serial was comprised of 15 episodes that were written by Atkinson alongside Curtis and Robin Driscoll. The series began telecasting on 1 January 1990 with the pilot of the show and ended on 15 December 1995 with “The Best Bits of Mr. Bean”. Mr. Bean’s character was originally developed by Atkinson himself while he was studying at Oxford University for his master’s degree. It was described that Mr. Bean the series centres on a man named bean that is as described as child in “a grown man’s body”, and solves his various problems presented by everyday tasks while causing disruption in the process. So just imagine what would the world look like if Celebrities had Mr. Bean’s face? Funny right, So Animated Times have collected 15 Best Pics Of Mr. Bean’s Face Photo shopped on Celebrities, Hope you all will enjoy seeing them and it would put a smile on your faces.

1 Harry Potter Cast As Bean:

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2 Mr.Bean’s Face On Gordon Ramsay:

gordon ramsay 5e980da4014fd 880

3 Ed Sheeran As Mr.Bean:

Bean Sheeran 5e980d96dee76 880

4 Bean’s Face On The Cast Of Jumanji:

jumanji 5e980db03b77f 880

5 Bean As Elton John:

beanton john 5e980d9d5a373 880

6 Joe Exotic As Mr.Bean:

Joe 5e980daa37073 880

7 Mr.Bean In “Legally Blonde” As Reese Witherspoon:

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8 Dame Edna Everage As Mr.Bean:

Dame Beana everage 5e980da135a63 880

9 Bean’s Face On Jim Carrey:

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10 Daniel Radcliffe As Mr.Bean:

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11 Mr.Bean’s Face On Gemma Collins:

Jemma Bean 5e980da729232 880

12 Mr.Bean As Michael McIntyre:

Michael Bean 5e980db3355a3 880

13 Host Ant And Dec As Mr.Bean:

Beant and Beanec 5e980d9a5bd3d 880

14 Mr.Bean’s Face On Taylor Swift:

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15 Mr.Bean’s Face On Jack Whitehall And Michael Whitehall:

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Source: Adam Pickard

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