“Fourth wall break inside of a fourth wall break? That’s like… 16 walls!”

Created by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist/writer Rob Liefeld Deadpool is an imaginary character that first appeared in the American comic books published by Marvel Comics. 

In February 1991, Deadpool’s character made its first appearance in The New Mutants issue no.#98. Originally Deadpool was portrayed as a supervillain but eventually evolved into his more identifiable antiheroic personality. 

The real name of Deadpool is Wade Winston Wilson. He is a defaced soldier of fortune with the superhuman ability of increased rejuvenate and physical skills. 

Deadpool is also famously known as the “Merc with a Mouth” due to his habit of talking and repeatedly joking, including breaking the fourth wall for jocular effect and running gags.

Due to his popularity, he has been featured in countless forms of other media too.

In 2004 a television series was released known as Cable & Deadpool. 

Later Deadpool got fame when Ryan Reynolds played this distinctive sense of humorous character.

Fans got to see a new taste in the character, and was loved by all. 

Ryan played the character in some movies, namely X-Men Origins: Wolverine, released in 2009, then in its origin movie Deadpool in 2016.

Later in its sequel Deadpool 2, which got released in the year 2018. 

Ryan Reynolds loved the character so much he is shoot down to play the character in the MCU.

But How Was Deadpool Even Created?

An abnormal scientist named Ajax tested on Wade Wilson to give him the cure of cancer.

Instead, he transformed him into Deadpool, a mischievous antihero with a complete sense of humor.

Eventually, Wade doesn’t get the cure but instead becomes disfigured, and thus he decides to seek revenge on Ajax. 

Fact About Deadpool:

Everyone knows that Deadpool is a copy of DC’s Deathstroke. 

But only a few know about the fact that when Deadpool was created, writer Fabian Nicieza gave Deadpool the name “Wade Wilson” as an inside-joke because of his relation to DC’s “Slade Wilson,” aka Deathstroke.

We all know that when Ryan Reynolds completely took over Deadpool’s role, the character got more fame and was instantaneously made iconic, All thanks to Reynolds’ spot-on characterization and even the growing vogue of the comic series. 

So we at Animated Times, though, why not take some time to remember why we love Deadpool so much, and for that, we have curated some of the most hilarious memes. 

So scroll down to have a look by yourself at the funniest Deadpool memes ever!

15.Recipe For Disaster:



14. Ultron:



13. The People’s Hero:



12. Glow Up:



11. Batman:



10. Baby Hand:



9. Past Mistakes:



8. And Another One:



7. Facts:



6. A Man Of Fine Taste:



5. Snickers:



4. Alexa, Play “In Your Eyes”



3. It’s All In A Name:



2. Wrong Movie:



1. Superhero Landing:


We hope you must have enjoyed all these 15 rib-tickling Deadpool memes that make us love him more and hope you have also gained knowledge about the character.
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