After 15 long seasons, and countless twists and turns, the much loved television series Supernatural ended on the 19th of November, 2020. After 15 years, the cast of the show – Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins, said a tearful goodbye to the show and its fans during the series finale.


The show started with the two brothers – Dean and Sam Winchester, played by Ackles and Padalecki. Over the course of time, they have hunted demons, shot ghosts with salt bullets, fought with Lucifer himself and caged him back to hell.

But amidst all the blood and gore, Supernatural is also about family. And how much family means to each and every one of them. “Family don’t end with blood,” is a famous line from the show itself, and conveys the emotions behind the show and its characters completely.


Whether it is the love between the two brothers – Sam and Dean, or their friendship with the angel Castiel, or the relationship they share with their surrogate father – Bobby. The show was built on these relationships and has moved many of its fans to tears.

There are numerous scenes that make you so sad, that you feel happy and some so happy, that you just feel even more happy. The show and its emphasis on family will always be one of the reason why it managed to do so well for the past 15 years. So here are 15 such emotional moments from Supernatural that have probably made you cry, or go ‘awww’:

  1. Bobby is the only father the boys ever needed.


They might be Winchesters, but they were always his boys.

  1. That brotherly hug meant everything.


Sam and Dean against the world.

  1. Bobby and his two boys.


They did okay, so you can get back to where you crawled out of!

  1. Bobby is awesome.


And don’t you ever forget it!

  1. Three dads for the win.


After all, every family is a little different!

  1. Merry Christmas, Dean. Merry Christmas, Sam.


That smile says it all.

  1. The brothers that can defy death to hold each other up.


Nothing and no one ever meant more to these brothers than each other.

  1. Bobby telling it like it is.


Are they even family if they don’t make you feel a little crazy?

  1. The brother that you didn’t know you needed.


But you do, boys. You so do!


  1. A life that’s different from others.


And one that your brother needs to be a part of. Because he is the only one who understands.

  1. They were just worried, Judy.


It’s not just the boys, and the family they had. It’s also the girls, and the family they made.

  1. It’s a difficult life, but it’s the only life they know.


But they will always have each other.

  1. Every parent has a favorite child, right?


I mean come on. We all know that they do!

  1. My Brothers Keeper.


A big brothers job is to protect their little brother. Always.

  1. And finally, wise words to lived by.


Every family is different, but at the end of the day – its still family!

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