Paul Rudd is just a wholesome person all around. Hollywood ha seen many actors who are very chill with all the fame and popularity, but Rudd probably takes the crown in recent times.


Over the years, he has had many memorable roles in various movies and TV shows. But recently the actor is being familiarized more and more with the Marvel Cinematic Universe character of Ant Man.

His low-key and calm nature; as well as his inability to age throughout the years has been a source of numerous memes through the years.  So here are 15 Paul Rudd memes to remind you what an absolutely trooper of a human being he is:

  1. Marvel Fun Fact


No one would be surprised if this turned out to be true for real!

  1. Paul Rudd Time


Someone please explain how he is doing that. Please!

  1. Rudd Does What Rudd Wants


A rebel is what he is!

  1. Lost Opportunity


A very real opportunity so sadly lost.

  1. He’s Perfected It


Let’s just be honest – Paul Rudd is Perfect! That’s what it’s all about.

  1. Not Prepared At All


I don’t think even Paul Rudd himself was prepared for this.

  1. What Really Matters


What really matters in times like these is to keep precious safe at all cost. Fans know!

  1. Beauty Secrets


We should give this a try as well. I think! Maybe!

  1. Millennial Problems


Millennial just wanna have some… peaceful sleep. Thanks!

  1. Wanna Feel Old?


Let’s play that game in 100 more years. Not much will change.

  1. Certified Young Person


Listen to your certified young person always. Always!

  1. Be A Paul Rudd. Always Be A Paul Rudd


Uncomplicated white men aging like fine wine. Others are just aging!

  1. That Smile. That Damned Smile.


This meme is so overdone. But can’t help it. That smile. Really! That damned smile.

  1. Bobby Newport Is Running For Another Post


Parks and Rec is life, okay? And we love Bobby! Just stating facts here.

  1. A Snack With No Expiration Date


We all want this snack. Please!

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