The Walking Dead has always been a divisive show all during its run. But the threat of some apparent demise loomed every character or the other and as a result, the fans became alienated. The show took plenty of off-side and off decisions, such as toying with the fans for few episodes, only to have the character return at the end of the season. Well honestly speaking, there were a couple of choices that could help to determine the worst moments from The Walking Dead series.

The show’s rating started to decrease and diminish with time as compared to what it used to be during their twilight years. But many believed that those ratings had nothing to do with the writer’s questionable decisions. The Walking Dead has given quite a reason to give up over the years. Here are some of them –

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When Rick decided to leave the show.

Season 8 Episode 9


When Carl left.

Season 5 Episode 8

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When Beth left.

Season 6 Episode 3


When Glenn’s death was faked.

Season 3 Episode 11

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When Andrea fell in love with the Governor.

Season 5 Episode 9

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When Tyreese left.

Season 2 Episode 7

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When fans discovered what happened to Sophia.

Season 2 Episode 13

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The beginning of Ricktatorship.

Season 7 Episode 1


When Negan took Glenn and Abraham out.

Season 8 Episode 16

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When Rick didn’t kill Negan.

Season 4 Episode 8

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When Hershel left.

Season 8 Episode 16

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When Daryl, Maggie, and Jesus decided to overthrow Rick.

Season 9 Episode 15

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When the Whisperers got killed.

Season 7 Episode 16

the walking dead season 7 finale 5

When Sasha left.

Season 4 Episode 14


When Carol said ‘just look at the flowers’.

Season 3 Episode 4


When Lori passed away.

Season 4 Episode 4


When everyone was getting infected with the flu.

Season 4 Episode 16

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When Ricked rip out of Joe’s throat.

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