Loki is dead. At least in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was killed by Thanos in the Avengers : Endgame.
Loki and Thor always had a love hate relationship which kept on improving towards Loki’s end.
Loki currently is enjoying his spotlight in the Disney’s new series.

Thor and Loki are both Norse Gods from Marvel comics. Thor is God of Thunder while Loki is the God of Mischief.
And Loki has always been annoying to Thor.

But still we are definitely going to miss them together.
As we miss Thor and Loki’s time together on screen, Loki is dealing with different set of problem in his solo series along with the Time Variance Authority.
And on the other hand, Thor 4 : Love and Thunder is wrapped and we can not wait it to hit the cinemas!
Natalie Portman is reprising her role as Jane Foster and fans will finally see her as The Mighty Thor and get to see her gaining all those powers and hopefully wield Mjolnir.

Here are the funniest Thor and Loki memes  to laugh at!

1. Loki Acting Like He Is The Most Innocent Person Ever


Well, that is something any person would do so that the cover is not blown away !


2.  Aren’t They The Cutest?

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth do share a lovely offscreen relationship!


3. Well, This Could Have Actually Helped Avengers In Defeating Thanos, Maybe…


They could actually consider this plan to be honest..


4. Loki Is Always Savage And Mean To Thor !



Loki never leaves a chance to trigger Thor, does he?



5. That’s Pure Sibling Rivalry For You !


6. Eh… Is This The Correct Way Of Getting Help Though?


7.  Thor Does Misses His Long Lustrous Hair, But Are We Sure, That Loki Isn’t Doing This To Tease Him?

8.  Well, All Of Us Have To Agree With The Fact That Loki Certainly Has More Fangirls

9. The Extremely Apt Description Of The Reunion In Thor Ragnarok

10. Thor-Loki Has More Of An Accurate Siblings Relationship




11. Loki Definitely Has An Army Of Fan Girls Compared To Thor




12.  Loki Too Suffers From These Mean Elder Sibling Jokes






13. You Know What, Maybe Never  Mind … Bad Idea… Like Most Of The Times





14.  Maybe Loki Is  A True Snake





15.  Always Stealing Thunder And Attention

16. Yes Only Loki Can Do It




17. Thor Is So Sick Of Loki’s Fake Dying Cheap Tricks






18. How Many Times Does He Expect Thor To Fall For It?





19.  Umm That Was Quick !





20.  Loki Knows Thor Too Well And Is  A Proud Brother

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