Two movies are set to release this year in the horror-thriller genre that have the power to redefine the space and give people something to be excited about. The first movie is In a Violent Nature while the other one is called Trap.

With so many movies and shows released every year, it’s tough for directors and producers to constantly come up with newer ideas and themes that promise an entertaining fest for the masses. Especially in horror and thriller genres, the audience is looking for something more unique and thrilling, rather than the cliched tropes.

In a Violent Nature to Release Before Josh Hartnett’s Trap

In a Violent Nature | Shudder and IFC Films
In a Violent Nature | Shudder and IFC Films

Written and directed by Chris Nash, In a Violent Nature is a refreshing take on horror and serial killer thriller genres. The movie blends aspects of gory murders with an overarching horror theme where a murdered body is awakened in search of its lost spirit. A group of teens who cause this awakening get stuck in the crosshairs and in turn, lose their lives.

More interestingly, the movie is told from the perspective of the undead man who goes out in search of his spirit. This gives the film a more interesting edge over other similar tropes. With intricate kill scenes and violence beyond the ordinary, In a Violent Nature takes the horror of death to another level. The protagonist is not just a serial killer, but an undead shell of a man who will find relief only once he finds his spirit.

Trap features Josh Hartnett | Warner Bros
Trap features Josh Hartnett | Warner Bros

Early reviews for the movie are in and Rotten Tomatoes has certified it with an 89% score. On the other hand, M. Night Shyamalan’s Trap is also said to be presented from the killer’s point of view. However, that is set to release later this year in August.

Shyamalan’s Trap features Josh Hartnett in the lead role as Cooper, a serial killer who attends a pop singer’s concert with his daughter only to learn that he can be caught anytime soon. Both In a Violent Nature and Trap use an intriguing point of view to narrate the stories. At the same time, the former might have an upper hand considering it’s releasing soon and the early reviews claim that the kill scenes in the movie are shot seamlessly.

M. Night Shyamalan Tiptoes the line Between Humor and Thrill in Trap

Josh Hartnett in Trap | Warner Bros
Josh Hartnett in Trap | Warner Bros

In his latest venture Trap, director M. Night Shyamalan is moving into a different territory. Even though he is known for his eccentric taste in stories and characters, Shyamalan is going one step ahead with Trap, not only with a unique perspective but also with dark humor. The filmmaker spoke to Variety about the movie and the subtle undertones where he claimed,

It kind of led more and more to this dark humor angle that ‘Servant’ has and ‘The Visit’ and ‘Split’ had and making sure it’s a fun time for everybody. It’s odd … when you should be terrified and you’re laughing at the same time.

He further explained why he chose Josh Hartnett to play the lead role. This was because Shyamalan does not believe in working conventionally. For such a unique story, he needed an actor who could be molded into the character completely.

The fear and anticipation in the lead character who has entered the trap needed to be communicated clearly. As Shyamalan claims, Trap “required the right actor at the right time in their life,” and that’s how he came across Hartnett.

In a Violent Nature is set to release on May 31, 2024. Shyamalan’s Trap will be released on August 9, 2024.

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