New Girl – especially when it started – was one of the best sitcoms NBC produced. And although it went through quite a few ups and downs through the years, there have been some really memorable episodes and more than a few spectacular moments which went on to define the show.


Jess – played by Zooey Deschanel is the main protagonists. But her new roommates and eventual friends – Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Coach – along with Jess’ best friend Cece, made the show an absolute gem to watch. The whole feel good vibe of the show was always maintained.


And with 5 seasons of running the show, its difficult to choose an episode that probably topped the list; but somehow we found it! the 6th episode of Season 4 – “Background Check” is without a doubt one of the best episodes the show has ever produced. And here are the reasons why:

  1. Winston Needs Help, But Coach Doesn’t Really Care


We start the episode with a simple enough request. Too bad people are a little busy!

  1. The Fish We Thought We’d Get


Tess Dorado the fish, who pairs very nicely with citrus, you oaf!

  1. The Fish We Actually Got


That poor bird. But then again, we are going straight to hell!

  1. Everyone’s Reason For Jess’s Skittishness


Dream journal? Sweatshop? Stolen kiss in an envelope? Nope!

  1. Jess’ Own Reason


It’s Breaking Bad on New Girl, guys! All we want for Christmas is meth!

  1. What Am I Supposed To Do? Die?


“Uh no” Also… The closet is a safe space, okay?

  1. The Tales of Cece and Crystal Randy


Jess has a problem? Cece probably has a solution!

  1. Nick Got Problems, Jess Has Solutions


I’ll yell “trash”. No you sing Landslide in your mind! Okay!

  1. Personal Fact Check!


The Fish will give you three details on their life, feel blessed!

  1. Green Grapes, Anyone?


Moving boobs, what? Eat grapes.

  1. Some More Grapes, Anyone?


Just eat grapes, okay? Leave everything else be!

  1. Don’t I Know It, Girl!


It ain’t a cycle; it a whole roller coaster!

  1. The Duquan We Thought We’d Get


Hello little brother!

  1. The Duquan We Actually Got


Hello not so little brother

  1. Have You Never Seen A Drug Movie?


What are you even doing. Jess? It’s like you don’t know anything at all!

  1. Clanging – I’ts Just a Sound


(verb). The sound you hear when ladies play with their jewelry, you know, like brooches.

  1. Nick’s Panicky Moon Walks


Nick, what’s going on? Nick: I’m Michael Jackson, but a little more manic!

  1. When Winston Finally Gets To Know What’s Going On!


Why is this my life? Why?

  1. I’ve Seen ‘New Jack City’, Okay?


Schmidt never loses any opportunity to take his shirt off in front of Cece, okay? It’s like you don’t even know him!

  1. Landslide, Baby!


“I took my love, and I took it down.” Stevie Nicks would be proud!

  1. The Adventurous Life of Nick Miller Part I


Let me tell you about the time…

  1. The Adventurous Life of Nick Miller Part II


And about another time…

  1. The Adventurous Life of Nick Miller Part III


And that other time…

  1. The Adventurous Life of Nick Miller Part IV


There is an end there somewhere, I promise!

  1. Coach’s Adventure To Find Duquan


There are a lot of ways to put your foot in your mouth. Coach knows them all!

  1. I’m Jessica Day, And It’s My Meth


I confess, Tess! I confess!

  1. It’s a Kimono


Live your life, Nick! And rock that kimono, girl.

  1. It’s Not Anyone’s Meth


Because it’s not meth at all!

  1. Excuse Me, Please Consider Moving!


These people are not normal.

  1. “Oh My God” “Dude Don’t”


Coach and Duquan having cinnamon pretzel is all that we need in life!

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