When it’s come to the big screen and live action adaptations of characters, the discussions may heat up quickly as to what actor must play the iconic role. As fans, we often wonder how these superheroes and villains would look like in real life. From their images and voices to their appearances, we hold these characters close to our heart. Thus, the casting of these iconic roles is a high stakes game, as casting rumours spark intense discussions, dreams, complaints and celebrations.

So obviously, these casting rumours for multiple Batman universes are going to bring in some hot takes. Being Dark Knight fans we have compiled 4 casting rumours that would better than what we’ve seen onscreen (and 3 that would have been worse)

Better: Oscar Isaac as Batman
After Ben Affleck’s performance in BvS: Dawn of Justice, many fans felt that he lacked chemistry with the rest of his co-stars.

And when it’s about chemistry, only a few come even close to Oscar Isaac. He has an unmatched presence and has slipped into important fandoms due to the same. He could easily play Bruce Wayne, and he would’ve been an incredible Bat.

Worse: Eddie Murphy as The Riddler
Many Batman fans love The Riddler. While he never got as much fame as The Joker, the green-clad villain also heavily relies on quips and tricks.

The casting of such a character is close to the hearts of many. Jim Carrey excelled in the role, and if we look back at the comics, we feel that it was drawn in his own image. While Eddie Murphy was also associated with the role and he could’ve been funny, he couldn’t have matched what Carrey did.

Better: Matt Damon as Robin
Damon looked a foot shorter than he really is by the end of The Departed, is a mess in Dogma and a sidekick in Ocean’s trilogy. This, combined with some extensive training onto his physical appearance and combat skills would’ve made him a far better Robin than what we got. M

Worse: Annette Bening as Catwoman
Michelle Pfeiffer’s casting as Catwoman is simply perfect and unmatched, but there was a time when we were really close to getting another great performance. Annette Bening was the first choice for the role but dropped out because of her pregnancy.

She could’ve been incredible in the spot but we really can’t imagine anything topping what Pfeiffer did with her role.

Better: Kane Hodder As Bane
Batman and Robin isn’t the best Batman film to date. A villain like Poison Ivy is almost impossible to upstage and as a result of this, Bane became her sidekick in the film.

However, Friday the 13th star Kane Hodder was once in the news to play Bane. Hidden had menacing masked Giants earlier and we feel that he could’ve been a good choice for playing Bane.

Worse: Bradley Cooper as Lex Luthor
Before believing in Lady Gaga, Cooper was known for being a bully in Wedding Crashers. But his version of a villain has so far been limited to bro-type comedy.

Although it’s hard to imagine anyone as worse than Jesse Eisenberg, by we really feel had Cooper chosen the role, he could’ve been the worst choice. Imagine a bald Cooper trying to act villainous? Sounds horrible, no?

Better: Willem Dafoe as The Joker
Now that the Worlds Of DC are turning towards standalone films, including a Joker project, we can’t help but feel slighted that we lost out on some potential castings including Willem Dafoe.

His sharp cheekbones, crazy smile and frightening voice made him the fan cast of Joker and undeniably, he would’ve sported the role brilliantly had he gotten it.

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