Spider-Man is unarguably one of the most iconic heroes of all time. Just like other successful characters, over the years, writers have gone on to create many alternate versions of Spidey to offer better perspectives. For most fans, Peter Parker will always be the best, but there are some who find some of his successors better. With fans buzzing about Into The Spider-Verse, the complex history of numerous webs lingers throughout the Marvel Multiverse is on the minds of many fans.

The introduction of these alternate universe characters changed the Marvel landscape for good, as many of them received their own series and became prominent members of the Marvel Universe. So today, we will countdown 4 characters who were better under the mask than Peter Parker (and 3 who were worse)

Better: Miles Morales
Of all the other Spider-Men circling the multiverse, Miles Morales might be the most remarkable of all. Miles initially became well known in the Ultimate Universe. There, he was just the second man to fill in as the Webhead. In the long run, Miles advanced toward the Earth-616, the fundamental Marvel Earth.

Contrasted with Peter Parker, Miles is ostensibly superior to his forerunner since he has two remarkable forces (the utilization of a venom strike/impact and the ability to cover himself.) Additionally, Miles’ social criticalness represents itself with no issue.

Worse: Spider-Doppelganger
Magus made numerous different doppelgangers, but the one dependent on Spider-Man found somewhat more accomplishment than his brethren. The creature has all of Peter Parker’s powers and in addition, the capacity to create well sharpened sharp webbing. Goodness, and it additionally has six arms.

Creepy crawly Doppelganger showed up in “Most extreme Carnage,” where it was received via Carnage and Shriek. The “family” in the long run broke separated after Carnage was caught by the Mercury Team. All things considered, it fails to measure up to Peter Parker and other Spider-Men.

Better: Spider-Man 2099
Miguel O’Hara is a standout amongst the most well-known alternative Spider-Men Marvel has ever delivered. He was a main figure in the 2099 universe, which was mainstream during the ’90s. Miguel has the greater part of his namesake’s forces and his abilities of sight and hearing are superhuman, as well. Notwithstanding sharp claws and teeth, Miguel likewise has venom organs. These weapons are viable updates over Peter Parker.

Besides, Miguel is additionally a virtuoso. While Peter is fantastic, Miguel might be significantly splendid.

Worse: Mac Gargan
For a long time, Mac Gargan was one of Spider-Man’s most well-known adversaries. As an individual from the Sinister Six, Gargan wreaked devastation in Peter Parker’s life and became well known as one of the Webhead’s most considerable enemies.

Normally, when Norman Osborn rose to control after “Secret Invasion”, he selected Gargan to fill in as his web-slinger on the Dark Avengers. Gargan, who had reinforced with the Venom symbiote, was more detestable than any other Spidey in recent memory.

Parker’s appalling loss of Gwen Stacy is a standout amongst the most renowned Spider-Man accounts ever. Be that as it may, thus, Marvel fans were denied of the opportunity to see Gwen Stacy bloom as a character.

Marvel comics gave Spider-fans one of these conceivable outcomes when it presented Spider-Gwen, who was chomped by the bug that gave Peter Parker his forces. Gwen has indistinguishable capacities from Peter, however, this substitute world offered a few interesting minor departures from the great Spider-Man story.

Worse: Patton Parnel
It’s difficult to call Patton Parnel an alternate Spider-Man, however, he meets the criteria. He was bitten by an abnormal bug and, along these lines, Patton got his superpowers. Sound recognizable? All things considered, Patton’s story separates altogether from Peter Parker’s, and this dull emphasis of the Webslinger is principally an answer to the question, “what might occur if a troublemaker had Peter’s capacities?

In contrast to Peter, Patton’s capacities made him change into a tremendous animal that mirrored his internal evil intentions. Fortunately, Morlun immediately dispatched Patton in Edge of Spider-Verse #4. No love lost.

Better: Ultimate Spider-Woman
Jessica Reilly Drew was a clone of Peter Parker. Jessica, who was at first made to fill in as an operator of the C.I.A., crushed Doctor Octopus, the driving force in the background and spread out alone.

From that point on, Drew immediately climbed the step, as she presented with the Ultimates, S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Web Warriors, among other eminent teams. With Peter’s capacities and a noteworthy resume, Jessica is extraordinary compared to other Webslingers around.

Worse: Old-Man Spider
It takes valiance to carry on the heritage of a fallen saint. Thus, Ezekiel Sims merits credit for following Peter Parker’s strides as Spider-Man. Sims and different individuals from the Spider-Army have battled against the Inheritors. While others have had a huge effect, Sims has missed the mark regarding his peers.

Sims didn’t make it out of the Spider-Verse storyline; he was taken out by Daemos and his most critical commitment came in his separating words. It’s difficult to see him returning when the Spider-Verse is so swarmed.

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