Marvel Comics has created an unlimited amount of alternate Thors. But only some of them were memorable enough. There were a few that were so bad that we would rather forget them as soon as possible.

Epic: Rune King Thor

The most powerful Thor version

Rune King Thor is the most powerful version of Thor we have ever seen in Marvel Comics.

In this version of the Odinson ran the full might of the Odin-Force. Thor was no longer just a God.

He was a Cosmic Entity that channeled the power of the universe. There were only a few entities with powers that dwarfed Rune King Thor’s like the Beyonder and the Living Tribunal.

His power was way more than anything the rest of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have to offer. Rune King Thor is a freak of nature and a force to be reckoned with.

Not even the Earth 616 version of Thor held a candle to Rune King Thor’s might.

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Forgettable: Hellhound Thor

thor hellhound

What if Dormammu defeated Doctor Strange and added Earth 6161 to his Dark Dimension?

What would this version of the world look like?

That is the possibility that was explored in the three-issue Defenders story arc in 2005.

Dormammu conquers the universe and it is now called Dormammu-Verse. This reality existed in Earth 5113.

In this world, the Avengers are now servants to the Dark Lord. The enslaved heroes now worked for his bidding.

Thor, one of the Hellhounds of Dormammy, sported a gold and black armor with a face as monstrous as it could get.

Maybe if Marvel expanded upon this version and gave him a little more back story then we would have not put him in such a detestable position on this list.

Hellhound Thor appeared just for one issue and that too in a single panel. Marvel did a grave error right there, making one of the most interesting versions of Thor into such an unmemorable one.

Epic: Zombie Thor

thor zombie

In the mid-2000s, Marvel partnered with the creator of The Walking Dead to create a Zombiefied version of the Marvel Universe!

In Marvel’s Zombie-Verse, a contagious virus starts turning people into flesh-eating zombies.

The virus ravages the world and brings about the end of the Avengers. Thor, one of their mightiest teammates, also falls to the zombie virus.

What is more interesting about Zombie Thor is that since he is an un-dead entity, he is no longer worthy of the power of Thor.

So he creates a hammer out of the debris on Earth. In this world, Black Widow later picks up the actual hammer and attains the power of Thor.

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Forgettable: Ragnarok

thor ragnarok clone

During Marvel Comics’ Civil War event, Thor was nowhere to be found.

The superhumans had been divided into two factions. Team Iron Man was wanted the Superhuman Registration Act to be enacted.

Team Captain America wanted the bill to be scrapped because they believed it hindered personal liberty and privacy of American Citizens.

Iron Man needed to show that all the powerful heroes were on his side. Thor was already busy in another part of the universe battling the forces of Ragnarok aka the End of the World as we know it.

So Iron Man cloned Thor using DNA he had secretly collected from him to create an evil Thor Clone. Ragnarok, as he was called, turned out to be an unhinged mass murderer who killed Goliath in cold blood.

Epic: Ultimate Thor

thor ultimate

In Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Universe, Thor was banished from Asgard and he now worked as a political activist and was a follower of the philosophies of mortal anarchy.

Like all the other Ultimate Versions of Marvel Superheroes, Thor too got a new name. His name was Thorlief Golman.

While he publicly proclaimed himself to be the God of Thunder from the Norse mythology, nobody really believed him.

Ultimate Thor carried a powerful Axe-Hammer to Battle.

He relied much less on his Asgardian powers and more on technology and magic. It sure was an interesting take on Thor and the uniqueness of the concept is why Ultimate Thor is so memorable.

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Forgettable: Throg

thor throg

Throg is Thor who has been turned into a Frog after Loki used the mystical Norn stones to master the fabric of reality. Throg has become a running gag in the Marvel Comic Book Universe.

This version of Thor was so comical that Marvel even let him make an appearance in Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. In the comic books, Throg came into being in Thor #363.

Thor was morphed into a frog and then he met Puddlegulp, another former human who was now a frog. He then led the frogs against the rats of New York City in a grand battle of the sewers.

After Thor won the war for the NYC Frogs, he was again turned back into a human. A sliver of Mjolnir was left behind, which was then picked up by Puddlegulp who became the new Throg.

Epic: Jane Foster Thor

thor jane

After the events of Original Sin, Thor lost his right to pick up Mjolnir. And thus began the saga of the Unworthy Thor.

In his absence, another individual picked up Mjolnir to become the new Goddess of Thunder. Jane Foster, Thor’s romantic interest, attains the power of the God of Thunder after proving herself worthy of the magic hammer.

Jane Foster was going through cancer at the time. She had just recovered from the illness after a long series of chemotherapy. Every time she transformed into Thor, little by little, her chemo was being undone.

In the end, Jane Foster’s cancer returned and she still opted to become Thor and protect the innocents till her last breath. We have nothing but mad respect for the sacrifices Jane Foster’s Thor has made.

Forgettable: Thorangutan

thor thorangutan

Marvel’s fetish for turning Thor into different animals runs deeper than you could imagine. After Throg, they gave us Thorangutan.

Before Thorangutan, Thor had been seen as a Frog as well as a talking bipedal dog from another universe. Thorangutan, as the name suggests, is a mix of Thor Odinson and an Orangutan.

Marvel just could not help itself. The universe Thorangutan belonged to was called Earth – 8101. I

n this universe, humanity never really evolved out of their primate stages so all the Avengers of this universe look like they belong to the Planet of the Apes Universe.

Thorangutan was not just forgettable but also silly and hilarious. Literally nobody took him seriously, including his fellow team mates.

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