Tony Stark has achieved immense success with his Iron Man persona. We’ve seen him in numerous armour designs over the years. He’s the world’s favourite Avenger for a reason: he’s witty, creative and has the coolest suits around. Tony’s suits have reached enormous levels of power in the comics. However, Stark keeps changing his technology, as he uses nanotechnology and other techs we haven’t even heard of.

We’ve seen some really cool suits in live-action films so far. Today we will tell you about four Iron Man armours, we hope to see in Avengers 4. (and 3 we just don’t.)

Want: Extremis
Tony adapts really quickly and uses his previous conflicts to build new tech and armour suits. After fighting the Extremis drug, it inspired Tony to design a complex suit that was so advanced that he had trouble using it without himself being on the drug.

The suit was strong enough to get attached to his bones with Extremis’ help. This allowed him to be always prepared for a fight and this could be of great use in Avengers 4.

Don’t Want: Ironheart
Riri Williams was an all-new different Iron Man and after finding an old suit and engineering it, she decided to create her own design. However, the design looked like it came out of a kids’ cartoon book than a comic book universe.

It was black and pink and had no visual impact that other Iron Man suits had. We’re sure that Tony Stark would never go for it but we hope that MCU never brings this in.

Want: Godkiller
One of the most powerful armours in the world, Godkiller wasn’t created by Tony Stark. It was created by the Celestials during a war and was designed to destroy the Celestials. It stood 2000 feet tall and had immense power.

While makers may give the suit some changes to fit it into the Avengers 4 storyline but it would be great to watch this suit in live-action.

Don’t Want: Thorbuster
We’ve seen the live-action Hulkbuster but this armour was created to take on the God of Thunder. Tony used Asgardian artifacts to create this suit.
Modeled after Thor’s oldest enemy, The Destroyer, this suit is strong enough to even withstand Mjolnir. However, it will look stale and overused, given that it looks similar to the Hulkbuster armour.

Want: Iron Destroyer
If there’s one suit that might take the most inspiration for Tony’s armour in Avengers 4, it’s the Iron Destroyer armour. It was created by Tony after he got access to the Uru metal, which happens to be one of the strongest metals in the nine realms.

It was the matter that forged the Iron Destroyer, and he combined it with his Bleeding Edge armour which has already made it debut in the MCU. This suit would look absolutely incredible on the big screen.

Don’t Want: Deep Sea Armour
This suit will probably never make it to the MCU outside of Easter eggs and references. This armour looks weird and it’s design looks like a bit more regular Iron Man suit inside a golden space suit.

Seeing a gold suit that holds an Iron Man helmet inside would look bizarre onscreen and this is one suit that we’d never like to see onscreen.

Want: Thanos Buster
This suit hasn’t appeared in the comics but rumours state that Tony might create this to take down the Mad Titan and this suit will be known as Thanos Buster armour.

The theory claims that instead of creating a new infinity Gauntlet, Stark will create a new suit to battle Thanos. This powerful suit would head the charge against Thanos, leading to his defeat in Avengers 4.

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