With regards to Aquaman, we know that he’s powerful but Arthur Curry doesn’t have a boundless well of ascribes to draw from. He’s solid, can order ocean animals, can inhale submerged, and has some proportion of enchantment. What happens when we put him up against best Marvel characters? The short answer is you win a few, you lose a few.

Obviously, any such theoretical conflict is available to abstract judgment, so your mileage may fluctuate. In any case, there are some Marvel characters Aquaman could thoroughly wipe the floor with – and some he wouldn’t last one round against. Today we will enlist 4 Marvel characters who can defeat Aquaman (and 4 he can destroy).

Defeat: Hulk
Give us a chance to get this one off the beaten path immediately. Marvel’s Hulk is no sucker – despite the fact that Thanos took him down with ease in Avengers: Infinity War.

There’s no measure of sturdiness in Aquaman’s body anyplace close enough to Hulk in hand-to-hand combat. Hulk is way more powerful than Arthur Curry. He can hold his breath submerged underwater for a long duration and he can take down Aquaman with ease.

Destroy: The Punisher
The Punisher is essentially Rambo- – or since Frank Castle appeared far before, Rambo is fundamentally the Punisher. Without a doubt, he realizes how to shoot and explode stuff like no one’s matter of fact. Remove his law, however, and he’s a human-level trooper. He’s a noteworthy officer, certainly, yet far less innovative and undermining than the potential prevalent personalities like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne – additionally “ordinary” people – may be.

Here comes Aquaman, with every one of the forces of the ocean available to him. What’s Frank Castle going to do- – discharge several shots into a 100-foot wave? Except if Frank develops gills, he’ll get muffled rapidly in this fight.

Defeat: Mr Fantastic
Reed Richards can extend his body just as it was versatile, going up against the parts of elastic or plastic, shaping himself into ropes, bobbing balls and slingshots freely, however that isn’t what makes him a considerable adversary.

Mr Fantastic is a virtuoso. He has taken out everyone from the nearly visually impaired cynic Mole Man to Galactus, the primordial articulation of infinite yearning and power of nature. He has vanquished divine beings, beasts and Doctor Doom. Whatever the issue is, he makes sense of an answer. How on the planet can Aquaman even verge on comparing to that? To put it plainly, he can’t.

Destroy: Professor Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier, the founder of the eponymous School for Gifted Children – which is really for freaks with unprecedented capacities – is properly viewed as a standout amongst the most incredible freaks on the planet. His mystic forces can control the psyches of others, making him ready to turn his adversaries against themselves by mental direction.

Aquaman has his very own clairvoyant forces, however, these capacities would have the likelihood of alleviating Xavier’s assaults. Add to that a bit of Atlantean enchantment, which is one of Professor X’s vulnerabilities, and there’s a really decent shot that Arthur Curry would be distant.

Defeat: Scarlet Witch
We are concentrating on the comic book rendition of Wanda Maximoff here. The film form of the Scarlet Witch, who appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron, has relatively tame supernatural superpowers. Her mysterious capacity to control “turmoil vitality” throughout the years and that time she controlled by an evil presence – well, she is one intense contender.

In the House of M storyline, she shook up the structure of the whole universe. Apologies, Aquaman, you have no shot.

Destroy: Black Widow
It’s not reasonable to continue tossing in these “ordinary people” in with the general mish-mash, however, the Black Widow has turned out to be such a commonly recognized name now that she should be tended to. This superspy is an expert. Her hand to hand fighting isn’t something the regular person would need to go up against in a dim back road, however, here comes the King of Atlantis.

Aquaman could truly fling a wave at Natasha Romanov and there would be nothing she could do about. Truly, if outfitted with cutting-edge S.H.I.E.L.D. weaponry, she may keep it together for a brief period, however, Aquaman is unreasonably solid for her to manage.

Defeat: Namor
Ruler Namor, the King of Atlantis, turned out two entire years previously Aquaman. Namor appeared in 1939′ incredible Marvel Comics #1, which additionally observed the introduction of the first Human Torch. Aquaman appears in 1941’s More Fun Comics #73.

With regards to powers, these folks are quite reasonable for a look at. Both are lords. Both are half-people who are land and/or water capable. No, Namor can’t control ocean animals, despite the fact that he has a charmed conch that he can hit to stir up ocean beasts. He can fly, be that as it may, while Aquaman can’t. Here’s the kicker: Namor is nearly as solid as the Hulk when he’s submerged. Aquaman loses this one, and quick.

Destroy: Hawkeye
Once more, this one is essentially not a reasonable battle, but rather Hawkeye is significantly more notable than numerous mightier Marvel superheroes, so we should grandstand this hypothetical fight.

Like the Punisher, Clint Barton is simply a standard human who happens to be great with weapons- – for his situation, a bow and bolt.

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