Earth-1619 or as fans know it, The Ultimate Marvel Universe was an experiment that turned out pretty well for Marvel Comics. Writers like Warren Ellis, Mark Millar and Brian Michael Bendis spearheaded the series which saw numerous heroes and villains. This wasn’t a soft reboot, but an attempt to recreate an already existing world.

However, certain changes to many characters were not taking positively by many fans and critics, who were left completely ridiculed by the change. Today we will talk about FOUR Marvel characters who look better in the Ultimate Universe. (And three who look worse)

Better: Thor
Ultimate Thor was totally amazing. From the costume to the updated Mjolner, this Thor looked almost perfect. It also keeps in touch with the previous versions of the character while being original too.

Of all the costume changes that took place in the Ultimate Universe, Thor’s stands above the rest.

Worse: Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom looked like a Thunder Cats villain and all the regality he exudes in the Marvel continuity was taken from his Ultimate Universe version. While his origins do seem interesting, everything else about him is pretty awful.

He is named Victor Van Damme, which sounds lame and his skin is also made of metal and those weird backward goat legs just looked really weird.

Better: Hawkeye
Clint Barton is one of the most underrated characters in the Marvel Universe. Being a normal guy with a bow, he fights alongside super soldiers without hesitation.

The Ultimate version of Hawkeye had his costume stripped down and became something that was far more practical than the old one.

Worse: Wolverine
Although the costume of this Wolverine eventually got better, his first X-Men look was just horrible. He had a goofy soul patch goatee and weird laces on his gloves, all of this giving a weird look to the clawed hero.

He never got a mask with traditional pointy ears and later on, he shaved the dumb beard but somehow, this version of Wolvie could never please the fans.

Better: Nick Fury
This version of Nick Fury in The Ultimates was fiery. He was modeled after Samuel L. Jackson’s version of MCU.

The Earth-616 version of Fury is also fine but the reason why MCU went for the Ultimate version in the films: he is much cooler. From his haunted look in the eye to the trench coat, he’s simply amazing.

Worse: Green Goblin
This version of Green Goblin was just boring. Norman Osborn becomes the Green Goblin in Ultimate Spider-Man and while this might sound normal to many fans, let me tell you that he actually became a Green Goblin.

Like, he wasn’t a guy wearing a mask. He turned into an actual monster.

Better: Spider-Man
The costume worn by Peter Parker in Ultimate Spider-Man isn’t very different but what Miles Morales dons later on in the series is actually cool enough to make it in this list.

The black and red outfit looks great, evoking a deadly vibe than the classic blue and red suit. This costume also makes Morales stand out among other Spider-Men.

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