Time travel is something that has been used in various storylines in stories, with every take offering a new way at looking at the role around us. Our love for films like Back to the future and The Terminator and the time travelling dilemmas they present are so beloved that they’re rooted in humanity’s inherent wonder about what’s next? What will the future look like in 20 years? What will the world be like? All these questions have been answered through science fiction over the years, with many of these storylines being influenced by our wonder of the future.

Marvel developed a possible future named Wastelands recently, created by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. So, today we are going to find out 4 versions of Marvel Characters we want to see next (and 3 that we’ve seen already)

Want: Luke Cage
Luke Cage is a character of whom we don’t see such a large number of more established adaptations, which appears to be astonishing. There are various substitute reality renditions of the character, yet his little girl Danielle Cage is spoken of more than he is. We need to see a wisened Old Man Cage looking out for Harlem after the majority of his years as a superhuman, doing it just the manner in which he can.

Certainly, we cherish Dani’s development into Captain America, yet regardless we need to see Grandpa Cage taking care of issues and showing exercises around his neighbourhood. It may not sound as epically gallant as a portion of the Old Man stories we’ve seen, yet Cage’s most prominent quality has never been his forces, and that would feature his inheritance best.

Been Done: Jean Gray
For quite a while, the prospect of a more seasoned Jean Gray appeared just impractical reasoning, as the character had been dead in the Marvel Universe for a considerable length of time. As of late, another more youthful Jean Gray was conveyed to the present day timetable alongside whatever is left of the time-uprooted Original Five individuals (the X-Men do as such love to play around with the courses of events).

Amid the “Skirmish of the Atom” occasion, another Brotherhood from the future lands in the present, with another female Xorn on the group. This form of the character is uncovered to be the adult variant of youthful Jean, who had turned out to be fixated on sending the youthful X-Men back to the past, no matter what.

Need: Black Widow
Natasha Romanova is another character who is more seasoned than she shows up and could have a long future in front of her, gratitude to biotechnology improvements she had gotten amid her time as a Russian covert agent. Be that as it may, how that future creates is the genuine inquiry, as Black Widow has pursued various diverse ways throughout the years.

Given her history, she could turn into the world’s best government operative à la Nick Fury, or a clouded side could create and Natasha could turn into the following head of Hydra. Also, taking into account that Black Widow is right now dead after the occasions of Secret Empire and has been supplanted by a clone with her recollections, anything is extremely conceivable in her future.

Been Done: Captain America
Commander America sort of exists as his own future self, however, we have seen matured variants of Steve Rogers previously. The most vital form of the Sentinel of Liberty originates from Alex Ross’ Earth-X set of three, which exhibited a standout amongst the most remarkable portrayals of a more established Cap we’ve at any point seen. At 100 years of age, Cap still battles nearby another age of legends and miscreants in a world that has been changed by Terrigen Mists.

Through the span of the set of three (Earth-X, Universe X, and Paradise-X) Cap figures out how to crush another danger known as the Skull close by his enduring partners, help bring another deliverer up in the resurrected type of Mar-Vell, and at last turn into an avenging heavenly attendant of heaven. Not awful for a thin child from Brooklyn.

Want: Groot
Groot began his comic life as a Marvel beast yet has formed into a fan-most loved individual from the Guardians of the Galaxy. While it would intrigue see an arrival to the Groot of old as a mammoth beast in his later years, there is another fascinating idea for the Flora giant.

Considering he was recently ousted from his homeworld of Planet X because of his adoration for the mammalian animals that kept up his reality, we see Old Tree Groot as a matured defender of the hairy people. With his capacity to develop and recover his body, Old Tree Groot could wind up Old Forest Groot, and perhaps Planet Groot one day.

Been done: Kang
The first Old Man story spins around one of the Avengers deadliest adversaries. Kang the Conqueror is a time-traveller who focuses on vanquishing the Avengers, utilizing very propelled future innovation to fight the saints. While Kang is determined to overcoming timetables, the character of Immortus is entrusted with saving the courses of events. Immortus is really the future self of Kang, who has repudiated his previous overcoming routes, a lot to the vexation of his previous self.

The two are always inconsistent with one another, however, Immortus has additionally neutralized the Avengers commonly too. Fun truth, Immortus is really Nathaniel Richards, father of Reed Richards, and has passed by different pseudonyms like Iron Lad, Rama Tut, and the Scarlet Centurion throughout the years.

Want: Black Panther
Black Panther is a character who is saturated with heritage and conventions, with the title of both King and Black Panther being passed down among the ages. T’Challa’s inescapable future is that of future ruler of Wakanda, bringing the cutting edge up in his strides like his dad, and his dad before him.

What’s extremely fascinating is the thing that sort of world that character would exist nearby.

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