All Robin fans must be really happy right now. The DC Universe streams a new Titan episode every week, starring Brenton Thwaites as Robin. With a current rating of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, people are tuning in to see this live-action version of DC’s one of the most popular teams. The series promises for Dick Grayson to become Nightwing soon and show why exactly did he fell out of his former mentor. ”

Earlier we saw Chris O’Donnell playing the role of Robin in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Comparisons between the two were certain and while Thwaites’ version looks more established than O’Donell’s, that doesn’t mean that everything is just spot-on. So today we will tell you 4 ways Titans’ Robin is better than Batman Forever’s (and 3 ways it’s worse)

Better: Fighting Skills
One cannot deny that the action scenes of Titans are simply awesome. Robin, in particular, has shown that he isn’t in any mood to take any prisoners. The fight sequences are brutal and there’s much to savour in them.

However, Batman Forever came in at a time when it was more about glamour and glitz of a superhero than the substance.

Worse: Relationship with Batman
Dick Grayson had the best relationship with Batman among all other Robins. Dick has always been best “son” to him and even Batman Forever showed some differences between the two, but they were always there for each other.

However, in Titans, Dick seems to denounce everything Batman stands for. There’s some real tension between the two, and while the reasons are unclear now, it feels wrong.

Better: Costume
Batman Forever’s Robin had fake muscles and nipples which turned out to be hilariously drastic for the filmmakers even till today.

Titans took inspiration from the DCEU, which makes Grayson’s outfit practical with also some protective features.

Worst: No Sense of Humour
Titans isn’t a very happy show. This sounds weird as usually, Dick Grayson is a happy character, someone who’s funny, quirky and talkative. Something that was there in Batman Forever.

The Titans version of Robin has no sense of humour and isn’t really fun to be around.

Better: More Mature
It’s refreshing to see Brenton Thwaites’ Grayson as someone who stands on his own and acts his age. He does have a trust fund, thanks to Bruce Wayne, but he still tries to carve his life out as he did in Nightwing comic book series.

On the contrary, the Batman Forever version is 25 years old and still incapable to look out for himself, even living with Bruce Wayne.

Worse: Not really a heartbreaker
There’s one thing about Dick Grayson: he breaks hearts as easily as he breaks skulls. He is really charming and has a way with the ladies. In fact, you’d be surprised to find out the characters who have dated Dick in the comics.

The Titans Dick has no game. He’a brash and obnoxious, stays aloof that isn’t really appealing to the ladies. The Batman Forever Robin knew exactly how to “get chicks in the car.”

Better: A Loner Personality
Dick Grayson in Titans does the best work alone. We don’t mean that he can’t work with a team, but he’s more comfortable working on his own.

He has already displayed his abilities to find clues and solve mysteries on his own.

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