The Marvel Comics have a lot of intimidating characters in the superhero pantheon. While these heroes are busy fighting crime, their reputation often proceeds them. There are some heroes who cannot control their Powers, making people wary by default. One day these heroes could be saving the world, and the next they could be seen fighting their fellow teammates over moral disputes.

So today we have ranked the FOUR toughest Marvel heroes (and THREE that only act tough).

No One Wants To Mess with: Hulk
Staying away from Hulk is always the best course of action. He is powered by rage, and thus, his threat should speak for itself.

He is an unpredictable element in the Avengers and due to this reason, he has been jettisoned into space by his own teammates. And when he returned, he went on his biggest rampage till date.

Acts Tough: Thor
Thor can command thunder and his hammer is capable of forging a cosmic storm, but is he really tough?

He can bring an intensity that frightens his enemies but he is also about making merriment. While he loves to fight, he also loves to celebrate and mead.

No one wants to mess with: Wolverine
Messing with Logan is never fun. He has lived through many wars and trained as a samurai. He is even prone to a crazy rage now and then.

Logan is also incredibly scary, as he can track you whenever he needs, making escaping a bit tougher than it sounds. In the recent issues, his claws heat up to high temperatures which gives you even more reasons to stay away from him.

Acts Tough: Hawkeye
Clint has had a lot to prove since the beginning. He has a mouth and attitude in handled and over the years he has mostly been on Cap’s side.

He has everyone’s best interests at heart but doesn’t really know when to shut up. However, he doesn’t have the power set to match his loudness.

No one wants to mess with: Daredevil
Matt Murdock is mostly about fun and games. However, he can be scary when it’s crunch time.

While facing opponents as dangerous as Bullseye and Punisher, Daredevil needed to go an extra mile to bring them down. He didn’t pull any punches while fighting during the Civil War. Although he was captured at the end of it, he didn’t mix words when confronted with Tony Stark.

Acts Tough: Superior Spider-Man
Otto Octavius might have been efficient as Spiderman but he drew the ire of several of his teammates. For all his intolerance towards criminals and even other heroes he didn’t like, he wasn’t really as intimidating as he thought.

He learnt compassion after he got exposed to Peter’s life and memories. Yet, he was still confrontational but nowhere near as sadistic as he once was.

No One wants to mess with: Namor
The King of Atlantis, Namor is a powerhouse and we all know it. He has a short temper and can command the sea, which should be enough reason to avoid him.

He has fought futuristic sentinels to Mutants and has even been at war with Wakanda and stood against God-Emperor Doom. He recently took down the whole Avengers team single-handedly.

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