Logan, also known as Wolverine is one of the most popular Mutants in the Marvel Universe. He has the ability to heal from almost any injury and his skeleton is fused with a durable metal called adamantium. He’s one of the most enduring and memorable characters to have ever graced the pages of Marvel comics. He has a long legacy of fighting tirelessly on the side of X-Men.

However, he’s not the only one to take the mantle of Wolverine in Marvel. Laura Kinney, better known as X-23 in the Marvel Comics was cloned from Logan’s DNA and possessed almost the same abilities and characteristics as Logan. She was introduced in X-Men: Evolution animated series and then made her way to the 616 before becoming popular among moviegoers after appearing in 2017’s Logan. So today, we will discuss 4 ways that X-23 is better than Wolverine (and 3 ways Logan outshines her)

X-23: Has a sidekick
Even the best of superheroes need the talents of an able sidekick at the most crucial moments. While Logan works alone, Laura works with her cloned sister, Gabby.

While threats to Gabby’s life do demand Laura’s attention on occasions, Gabby has grown to be a strong force herself, taking on the codename Honeybadger. She feels no pain and possesses almost the same abilities as Laura.

Wolverine: Has No Memory Of His Past
While Laura is haunted by her past, Logan has no memory of it. We saw this in Logan’s first appearance on the big screen in 2000’s X-Men and since then he spent a decade or so wondering about his past with no memories and only the military tag around his neck reminds him of his past.

His amnesia and constant quest for information about his personal history have given a plethora of stories about the character, which includes a major subplot in 2003’s X2.

X-23: Kept the Wolverine Legacy Alive
After Logan got defeated, thanks to Doctor Cornelius’ experiments, Laura rose to the occasions and accepted all responsibilities that came with taking the codename Wolverine. This took place in All-New Wolverine #1 by Tom Taylor.

While Logan returned eventually and reclaimed his title, Laura did make him proud by resisting her programming as a human weapon and utilised her abilities to ensure justice.

Wolverine: Extreme Healing Factor
While Laura’s healing factor has allowed her to survive some fairly tough situations, Logan’s healing factor is probably the best in the entire Marvel mythos. This is clearly demonstrated in 1987’s Uncanny X-Men.

In this, Logan’s healing factor allows his entire body to regenerate from a single drop of blood. Remarkable, isn’t it?

X-23: No Vices
Although Laura was cloned from Logan’s DNA, she has been able to avoid some of the falls that might accompany sharing a genetic code with Logan. She is known for her messy and chaotic fighting style and Logan is also known for his affinity for booze and cigars.

Laura’s avoidance of substance abuse proves to be an asset in many situations. However, Logan’s affection for booze proved invaluable for him when he escaped the effects of a powerful psychic whammy, thanks to his affection for beer.

Wolverine: Entire Skeleton Fused With Adamantium
Laura escaped before her captors successfully fused her entire skeleton with adamantium, but Logan couldn’t avoid that fate. He went through a painful process where his healing factor kept him alive.

After the experiment, he became almost indestructible. Logan regenerated the bones in his skeleton but the adamantium got entirely fused with his bones.

X-23: Has Claws on her feet
Both Logan and Laura have six flaws each, but two of Laura’s claws extend from her feet than hands. In 2017’s Logan, Charles Xavier theorised that this could be due to her gender, comparing the claws to a female lion.

This unique placement of claws gives her an advantage during fights, especially since uninformed enemies may get surprised during a fight.

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