Venom: Let There Bar Carnage post credits sequence reveals Venom is somehow now in the MCU. Doctor Strange’s spell probably transported him across universes. But is that a good thing or a bad thing?

It’s A Good Thing: Expanding The Venom-Verse


Venom, in the comic books, has a lot of story arcs to explore. The Life Foundation 7 Carnage are just the beginning. Arcs like Agent Venom, Anti-Venom, and Venom Beyond could be explored in detail. While the Sony Venom-Verse did an admirable job at showcasing Venom, it was overall limited in scope. Disney and Marvel Studios have the ability and foresight to go where no comic book universe has gone before. If venom sticks to the MCU, we may see a lot of revolting and radical story arcs being explored.

It Royally Sucks: The R-Rated Action Takes A Hit

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No More Violent Sequences

Venom: Let There Be Carnage has a PG-13 Rating. 2018’s Venom had an R-Rating. Sony is trying to woo maximum viewers with as less mature a rating as possible. But the Venom movies are so viscerally action packed and violent we wouldn’t be surprised if future Venom movies get an R-Rating. Now that Eddie Brock has come to the MCU, he will be starring alongside other major MCU heroes (hopefully). And that means the R-Rated potential is thrown out the window.

It’s A Good Thing:  The Venom – Spider-Man Rivalry Is Explored

Venom vs. Spider-Man

The one defining moment in Venom’s life is its intense hatred for Peter Parker. The symbiote just cannot handle rejection. So when Peter Parker finally decides to banish the symbiote host from its body, Venom does not take it well. After bonding with Brock, Venom makes Parker’s life a living hell. He torments Spider-Man and comes close to breaking him. Spider-Man eventually defeats him but Venom remains a thorn on Parker’s side for a long time. This Venom – Spider-Man dynamic must be explored in the MCU.

It Royally Sucks: Affects Future Sony Projects

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Venom is not the only superhero Sony is currently working on to bring to the big screens. There’s  Kraven movie on the cards. Silver Sable will be apparently soon coming as a movie or show. Nightwatch, the Sinister Six, and even a Madame Web movie are being planned after Morbius. Since Venom is the one that started it all, letting him jump universes is probably not the best thing for the upcoming projects. Provided Venom , the most popular Venom-Verse character, sticks to the MCU for the time-being, all of these other projects would be put in the backburner.

It’s A Good Thing: We May Finally See The King In Black

marvels king in black crossover pits symbiote god knull
King In Black – Knull

Ever wondered how the symbiotes came into existence? They were created as weapons by a dark entity known as Knull, the first ever true God of the Cosmos before there even was a universe. After the Celestials started spreading the light and threatening the darkness Knull lived in, he created the symbiotes as his new living weapons against the cosmic race. Knull was later defeated and imprisoned in an ever-shifting prison made up of the same symbiotes that worked as his pawns once. Marvel’s recent King in Black story arc finally saw Knull returning to the land of the living. The MCU already has the Celestials in place. Gorr the God Butcher of Thor 4 will be using the Necro-Sword, Knull’s weapon. All of this could mean we could see this iconic villain come to the movies in the near future.

It Royally Sucks: Venom Overshadowed By Other MCU Heroes

MCU Movies After Venom 2 Doctor Strange Captain Marvel SR
Venom In MCU

No matter how popular Venom is, his fame will never be able to match that of other popular Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes. Venom will most likely be seen in the MCU opposite other Marvel heroes like Tom Holland and Doctor Strange in Spider-Man: No Way Home. And MCU movies, because of their enormous scale and magnitude, now struggle juggling so many characters at the same time. Venom may end up becoming a dud in the MCU if Marvel just decides to focus on their own heroes they have tried so hard establishing over the years.

It’s A Good Thing:  Secret Wars

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Secret Wars

It was in Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars event that Peter Parker bonded with the Venom symbiote. It was in this storyline Spider-Man wore the infamous black suit for the first time. After realizing that the black suit is a parasitic alien, Parker rejected it and it later bonded with Brock. It has been long believed that Secret wars is going to be Marvel’s next Infinity War saga. Spider-Man and Venom being in the same universe only reinforces the rumor mill.

It Royally Sucks: Marvel Studios May Not Understand The Assignment

Venom – Lethally Misunderstood Protector

The movie version of Venom is a tad bit different than the comic book version. Tom Hardy’s Venom is more nuanced, spontaneous, and carries an air of humor and vulnerability. In the comic books, Brock is known to be overly confident and arrogant at times. The relationship dynamics between the symbiote and Brock is also different in the movies than in the comics. Sony luckily managed to carve a new niche with Venom. Marvel may not understand this aspect and end up butchering what makes the Venom movies such an epic popcorn flick.

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