Ever wondered why some actors play both the role of Hero and the Villain in the same movie? Well, it’s sort of a jackpot to get lead two roles in one film. However, it is not common to see such elements in films other than comedies. So, these are your 5 Actors who played double duty on screen in the same movie.

1. The ‘Austin Powers’ Franchise starring Mike Myers 

Austin Powers

As the Hero: Austin Powers, a superspy from the 60s who is cryogenically frozen and awakened in the ’90s to fight the supervillain Dr. Evil. Powers has a thick British dialect with hilarious jokes and action scenes.

As the Villain: Dr. Evil, a supervillain, also from the 60s, whose evil plans roll out to create havoc in the modern world. The common thing between Powers and Dr. Evil is that they’re both idiots, but physically speaking, they’re pretty far apart in terms of dress and costumes.

2. ‘Logan’ starring Hugh Jackman

X-24 & Logan

As a Hero: Hugh Jackman is popularly known for the role of Wolverine in the X-men series portraying super mutants. In the film Logan, the life of Logan (played by Hugh Jackman) is shown at a not-so-popular timeline where takes care of Charles Xavier and is away from his sudden outbursts.

As a Villain: In this film, a clone of Logan X-24 is created to defeat Logan. The clone is much younger and powerful than our hero, Logan. All Jackman had to use contact lenses and some nose make-up, to pull off this role.

3. ‘Dr. Strange’ starring Benedict Cumberbatch

Dr. Strange - Dormammu

As the Hero: Stephen Strange, a surgeon who loses the ability to perform surgery in a mishappening and begins his journey in seeking the use of his hands. While traveling, he meets a mystical being known as the Ancient One, and from her lessons, gains & learns to control magical abilities, eventually becoming the Supreme Sorcerer of the Earth.

As the Villain: Dormammu is the villain from the Dark Dimension who enters the film as a massive disembodied head in the middle of space. Dormammu is a CGI-laden creation, Cumberbatch performed the facial motion capture for the character and recorded his voice. It was mainly Cumberbatch’s idea to introduce the character because he believed Dormammu could be the dark reflection of Strange.

4. ‘Us’ starring Lupita Nyong’o


As the Hero: A mother named Adelaide, who is on a vacation to visit a site of her traumatic past. Adelaide is a simple and subtle woman as far as the character speaks for itself. However, Lupita has done justice to the role of Adelaide.

The Villain: There exists Adelaide’s counterpart with the name ‘Red’. Red is a terrifying reflection of Adelaide that speaks in a desperately pained whisper as if she has lost her ability to speak. Jordan Peele told that when Lupita Nyong’o was playing the role of Red, “She was terrifying. You didn’t want to look her in the eyes”

5. ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ starring Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio

As the Hero: Philippe, a prince unfortunately banished at birth to live in the countryside for the sole purpose of curtailing the competition for his brother. After his father passes away, Philippe is imprisoned by his brother and is forced to wear an iron mask to conceal his identity.

As the Villain: Louis is the twin brother of Philippe and the Young King of France. His ways are ruthless and will do whatever it takes to attain what he wants. Dicaprio showcases some serious acting skills in the film.

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