The MCU has always been depended upon the power of its characters.Even the worst of movie squeak by as passable almost entirely on great characterization, while the best movies seem to have pleasing character.
Some characters fare a lot better than others. While Infinity War spreads itself too thin to be among the best of the Marvel movies, it does much of its cast justice more often than not. Still, other characters are either misused or just wasted. Infinity War is essentially an incomplete part, so perhaps the second part in 2019 will remedy the weaknesses without sacrificing the first part’s strengths.This list goes from 5 Characters it gets Right and 5 it gets totally wrong.



Thor became the best Avenger so slowly Neither of the first two Thor movies were particularly great. Inspite the fact they could even be considered somewhat good owed a lot to just how charming Chris Hemsworth was as the God of Thunder. He was similarly entertaining in the first two Avengers films but didn’t really get the spotlight, showing up halfway through the first and leaving midway through the second. Then Thor: Ragnarok came and blew everyone away, and now Thor stands as one of the major highlights of Infinity War.Most of his home planet is massacred within the first few seconds of the movie and everything weighs on him heavily. His strength in the face of all this adversity, and his willingness to expose himself to the flames of a dying star make him, in the words of Drax, not just a “dude,” but “a real man.”


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Tom Holland’s Spider-Man doesn’t have as much pathos as some of his Marvel co-stars, leading Spider-Man: Homecoming, enjoyable as it was, to feel rather lightweight. Yet it’s that levity which makes him such a delight in these heavier ensemble films. He stole the show in Civil War, and while Infinity War is too busy a show for any player to really steal, he’s a lot of fun here as well. His love of “really old movies” once again proves useful, and the scene where he introduces himself to Doctor Strange is one of the funniest in the movie. While the reliance on high-tech Stark-designed Spider-Suits in Homecoming proved controversial, it’s a necessity here,Peter Parker’s WAY in over his head even with the advanced Iron Spider suit protecting him.


For the longest time, the Marvel’s great weakness was its villains.This weakness didn’t matter too much, given the heroes were so compelling, As of Infinity War, though, Marvel has pulled off an impressive streak of five great villains in a row. Thanos isn’t as sympathetic as The Vulture or Killmonger, nor is he as fun as Ego or Hela. What he is, however, is the MCU’s first apocalyptic threat that truly feels apocalyptic. There was skepticism that Thanos could live up to expectations set by six years of build-up since the first Avengers. Infinity War defies the skeptics. The movie makes the jokes you were already making about his odd appearance, but it quickly becomes clear that Thanos is no laughing matter. He’s a villain who takes no joy in his evil acts, but in his twisted mind sees them as necessarily sacrifices for a greater good.


Rocket who stands out as a bold character. Rocket’s grown the most from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He’s no longer trying to push people away, even as he’s cynical about his chances of acceptance. He finds that unexpected unconditional acceptance with Thor, who gets over one of Rocket’s big stumbling blocks by not even knowing what species he is. There couldn’t be a sweeter pay-off to the running gag about Rocket stealing prosthetic body parts than the scene where he gives one to the recently wounded Thor. Everyone is suffering in Infinity War, but until Groot’s death in the last minutes of the film, Rocket is actually happier than he’s ever been. Good for him, he deserves some happiness before Thanos takes everything away.



As one of Thanos’ adopted daughters, Gamora has been the number one reason general audiences had any feelings about The Mad Titan prior to Infinity War. Long working to recover from her father’s abuse and shake off any association with his crimes, she knows better than anyone else what Thanos wants. This is why she requests Star-Lord end her life if Thanos tries to take her. Star-Lord is reluctantly willing to but unable to fulfill that request due to the effects of Thanos’ Reality Stone.Thanos sacrifices her life to get the Soul Stone. While many of the deaths in Infinity War are viscerally shocking and upsetting, it’s Gamora’s which is presented in the saddest possible manner.There’s something tragic and truly twisted that Thanos, for all his abuse towards her, still felt enough love towards his daughter to make her death a true sacrifice worthy of the Soul Stone.


Of the film’s heroes, Iron Man is the one it spends the most time with, and it’s from his perspective that the audience experiences much of the suffering. He starts off in classically snarky form. As the film goes on, the one-liners slowly fade as he grows aware of the direness of his situation. In one of the most intense scenes in the film, Thanos stabs Tony and beats him to a pulp before telling him, “I hope they remember you.” At the film’s premiere, Robert Downey Jr. spoke of how he doesn’t see himself in competition with the other actors, but with his past performances in the role to give his best,His effort clearly pays off.



Bucky was never a good character in the Marvel cinematic Universe. He’s the least interesting part of all three Captain America movies. It’s downright laughable that his story is the only weak point in the otherwise excellent The Winter Soldier, a movie named after him! There’s only one reason anyone cares about Bucky is the transitive property: Cap cares about him, and we care about Cap, therefore we vaguely care about Bucky… or at least write fanfiction that makes him more interesting.He got less characterization than his previous film appearances did in Infinity War.All he does is have a reunion with Cap, fight as one of many soldiers in Wakanda, then die.



Such is the problem of pairing Iron Man and Doctor Strange for most of Infinity War. There are differences between the two as superheroes, sure. Iron Man’s a “science bro” who causes a lot of damage both intentionally and collaterally, while Doctor Strange uses magic and tries to solve problems non-violently when possible. As characters, however, they’re pretty much the same snarky self-absorbed genius who plays by his own rules but learns to care about other people. There’s a reason lots of critics described Doctor Strange as a psychedelic remake of Iron Man. Putting the two extremely similar characters together doesn’t allow for any real conflict except one-upmanship. In that particular fight, Strange doesn’t really stand a chance against the better-loved Iron Man.



The problem with the two characters’is the romance is undeveloped, least convincing aspect of Infinity War‘s plot.Part of the issue is how little build-up there’s been. They’ve only been in two movies thus far, the first of which they hardly even interacted in, and it seems most of the romance developed off-screen. But there’s also the awkwardness that their biggest interaction up to this point was The Vision locking Scarlet Witch up in Civil War. It was for her own safety, sure, but as the start of a romantic relationship, that’s kind of odd. The Vision and Scarlet Witch do have a long and messed-up history as a couple in the comics, but the MCU hasn’t cracked how to make their relationship emotionally compelling yet. Given The Vision’s death is one of the few in this movie that looks like it could be permanent, perhaps they never will.



The most popular Avenger In Infinity War, Black Widow’s role is… pretty much nonexistent. She’s present in the crowd, taking part in the big Wakanda battle, but anyone expecting anything memorable involving her is going to be disappointed. Her literally phoned-in cameo in Thor: Ragnarok is more memorable than anything she does in this movie! Of course, as part of the half of the cast which survives Thanos’ genocide, she’s almost certain to have a bigger and better role in the sequel. Considering directors Anthony and Joe Russo are responsible for her best on-screen characterization so far, it seems unlikely that they’d forget about her.not to get her own movie so far,Black Widow continues to be a problem for the Marvel.

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