Superhero movies have been a popular dose of entertainment. From being youngsters to teens and even senior citizens, everyone loves watching Marvel movies. They have been in our lives for a long time now wherein the major revolution was brought in by Marvel Studios. As we look forward to the movies, we have noticed that villains were given better reasons to perform other things rather than to just destroy the world. On the other hand, the movies lay brighter focus on human angles which made it extremely powerful for the characters to relate themselves towards audiences and viewers. 

As we move forward, let’s have a lookout at the few cliches in Marvel movies that happened greatly:

1) Dead Parents:

Aunt May Death - Spider Man: No Way Home
Aunt May Death – Spider Man: No Way Home

Within almost every marvel movie, the parents of the characters are pretty much dead. It is safe to say that it’s one of the most cliche aspects that the parents have either been murdered or experienced the most painful ways to die. For example, Bruce’s parents were killed in a dark alley while Peter’s parents died in a plane crash. 

2) Big Cities Get Destroyed:

New York Battle-The Avengers 2012
New York Battle-The Avengers 2012

The issue of collateral damages has been widely recognized in Captain America’s Civil war, this was a highly plot-lined and a legitimate cliche aspect as the damage involved superheroes or a more enhanced version of humans. Similarly within Spiderman’s Far From Home, it showed a bunch of drones. This would have absolutely leveled cities namely Prague and London.

3) Large Beam:

The Door To Another World-The Avengers 2012
The Door To Another World-The Avengers 2012

This is one of the most over-exhausted ways. The way it has shown aliens who are always involved within movies is filled with that ubiquitous beam of light. The light is ripping through the sky. This is highly cliche to state that the beam has acted as a portal between two worlds. This is meant to change the atmosphere of the planet within every superhero movie of MCU.

4) The Hero Always Fights With The Evil Version Of Himself:


Believe it or not, this happens almost every time. As the origin stories spend most of their time building a character for the lead person, they seem to have pretty little time trying to figure out things for the villain which as a result portrays them to be a highly evil version of the hero himself. For example, wherein the Iron man fights Iron Monger similarly Superman fights General Zod. 

5) Nobody Actually Dies:

Tony Stark-Avengers Endgame
Tony Stark-Avengers Endgame

When we were introduced to the death of Tony Stark, the fans cried the most. The reason behind this is, Marvel concluded plenty of guts in order to kill the biggest character. In general, the characters never really die. They just intend to take away that unexpected element whilst moving forward with the feeling of uncertainty. This was derived a far away from the audiences. There have been situations where the characters are on the verge to die but they instead get tossed into the river and still survive to sustain themselves within their lives. This is another impeccable cliche. This cliche is acknowledged and prone to happen in the upcoming Marvel movie as well. 

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