Throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, has used plenty of armor suits but others remained highly exclusive to the comic world.


Whether it is about the comic books, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or video games, Stark is known for discovering plenty of Iron Man armor suits. Stark has always tried to introduce new models and try to improvise the suits in almost every single appearance. Sometimes the suits were induced with alien technology, magic, and sometimes, to defeat a specific enemy, Stark designed a unique one that could fit into any situation.

While most of the Iron Man armor suits have made their way to appear in the MCU, some of them remained highly exclusive to Marvel Comics.

With that said, here are the 5 exclusive Iron Man Suits of Armor displayed in the Marvel Comics –

Armor Model 48


Iron Man’s Armor Model 48 is popularly known as the Cold Iron Armor. It is perhaps not the most advanced armor that Stark has created but it does have some uniqueness. It looks like a mixture between Tony’s original armor and a War Machine. There is a canon on the back, some metal blades on its arms, and it could also fire iron based projectiles.

The Godkiller MK II


The original version of this armor was an ancient weapon to combat the Celestials. While Stark failed to pilot the original one, he developed a similar suit for his own use. The Godkiller MK II is perhaps the greatest armor suit that Iron Man ever created and that is why it does match the size of a Celestial.

The Mark IX


This particular armor suit has made its MCU appearance – the suit that Pepper used in Iron Man 3. However, it does not share any similarities with its comic world version, apart from the model name and number. In the comic world, when Mark IX got combined with the power of Excalibur, it received an intriguing and magical redesign. The final product was somewhat like a mixture between a gladiator and a medieval knight.

Armor Model 52


This armor is the Hulkbuster armor that reflects the same design as MCU’s version of Tony Stark’s armor suit that he wears in Age of Ultron. Apparently, what makes Armor Model 52 special is its additional ability. The armor suit can change itself into a flying car just with the help of a button. While this suit has never been used in other forms of media, the comic world has shown Tony wearing this transforming suit.

The Iron Sorcerer Armor


When the Iron Sorcerer suit appeared in What If… #113, it explained why it could not appear anywhere else. In the storyline, Stark took the place of Doctor Strange and became Sorcerer Supreme. Obviously, Stark never wears the Eye of Agamotto and Cloak of Levitation the way Strange does. Thus, Tony Stark integrated them into his armor and catalyzed a powerful fusion of technology and magic.

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