Superhero films and characters have never been this mainstream ever before. But some superheroes were so ubiquitous that they got hype long before the MCU was born. Characters like Spiderman, Superman, and The Incredible Hulk is world-famous, but fans might get surprised to discover that even the most famous superpower does not work the way they appear on the surface.

As far as now is concerned, fans are very well aware that comic book continuity is challenging and complex to parse as they are made up with the fact that not every detail will be reflected on the big screen. Despite this, fans of different types would claim that they do understand the entire story behind some of the most popular superpowers but apparently they’d be wrong.

With that said, these are the 5 famous superpowers that don’t work stereotypically –

Cyclops Punches With His Eyes


Stereotypically, people think that Scott Summers has bright lasers coming out of his eyeballs and he cannot open his eyes without reflecting a crimson beam that incinerates pretty much everything in its path. But this is not what his superpower actually does. Cyclops’ optic blast is a concussive force, which means he basically punches people with his eyes. The mutant metabolizes energy from the sun and reflects it through ruby-colored beams, not heat.

Superman Manipulates Gravity


Stereotypically, people think that Superman leaps tall buildings in a single bound. However, over time, it showed up that Clark Kent’s alter ego can fly. In fact, there are very few images available in the comic world where the Man of Steel is not flying with his cape flapping behind him. But this is not what his superpower actually does. In reality, it is a part of Kal-El’s Kryptonian physiology that allows Superman to manipulate the forces of gravity.

Aquaman Never Talks With Any Sea Life


Stereotypically, people think that Aquaman talking to fish is just like another frequent punchline that most mocked characters in the comic world reflect. But this is not what his superpower actually does. He does not talk to the fish but instead, he telepathically connects with the ocean itself wherein he becomes prominent to mentally command all sea life.

Spiderman Manipulates Electrostatic Forces


Stereotypically, people think that Spiderman can cling to walls by sticking himself to the surfaces. Some depictions even echoed his power being in the tiny hair of his palms that presumably serves the purpose. But this is not what his superpower actually does. The actual explanation is pretty much complex and does include some scientific explanation behind it. Well, it is Peter Parker’s altered brain that allows him to manipulate the attraction between molecular layers and the electrostatic forces as well.

The Hulk Transforms With The Help Of Adrenaline


Stereotypically, people think that Bruce Banner transforms into the Incredible Hulk by getting mad or angry. That is why he echoes “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” But this is not what his superpower actually does. It is not the anger that transforms Banner into the Hulk, but adrenaline.

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