Watching movies is perhaps one of the most entertaining things that people could do in their free time. The variety of genres that are available in the industry, allows us to “move” and “experience” certain things and feelings altogether. While some movies allow us to get a scary feeling with their horror genre, others surprise us with their beautiful story.

With that said, people asked us about recommending some movies that are so emotionally traumatic that people can’t watch them again. While the list could actually be endless, here are the top-5 highly emotional movies of all time that could be traumatizing as well.

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

1 14

This movie is something that stays with the audience even after a decade. The makers hired Asa Butterfield for his innocence. Asa knew nothing about the holocaust nor did the makers tell him anything. He just played the role of a boy playing with another body with a fence in between and that’s it. It helped the makers maintain a complete innocence throughout the film and that is what makes it so special.

Stand By Me

2 10

While this movie is worth watching countless times, it is equally traumatizing as well. Keeping aside how wonderful this movie was, the last line is what makes the audience overthink again and again. It goes like: “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus, does anyone?

Pan’s Labyrinth

3 8

Pan’s Labyrinth includes some phenomenal things in between its storyline that carries away the audience along with it for longer. While people thought it’d be some cool fantasy flick, it actually turned out to be a deeper spiritual nuance. The plot deals with everything, including abuse, trauma, and coping mechanisms as well. These all make it a worth watch even after a decade but at the same time, it requires gut to experience this type of a story.

The American History X

4 8

The American History is a great watch with a really deep meaning. We remember the term “curb stomp” and how the makers represented the scenario on screen. The way they brought it to visualization with those sound effects is something really intriguing. The background score of the film is not disturbing but terrifying and haunting. If someone is looking out to watch a film that may really bring a chill to the spine, The American History is a great choice. But remember: it will take years to erase the scenes and story of the movie from the memory.

Life Is Beautiful

5 8

Life is Beautiful got released in 1997 and was absolutely tragic. Apart from being really traumatizing, the storyline is spectacularly pretty and soulful. There is a shear bond between both the families that have been shown in the movie and that is what holds the audience till the last. The relationship and the plot were both tragic and poetic and over the top of everything, Roberto Benigni’s role was intriguing.

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