Mythology has always been an interesting subject for movie makers. With numerous interesting characters and stories, it is not so surprising to see fans coming up with their theories regarding these movies.

Here are 5 mythology movie fan theories that make sense.

Achilles realizes he lost his immortality in ‘Troy’

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A fan theory suggests that Achilles’ desire to not fight anymore after Troy wasn’t because he feuded with Agamemnon. The biggest question is that whether Achilles was truly immortal or not. Fan theory says, he was immortal.

The theory says that when he defiled the statue of Apollon, he realizes that there is a sudden change, and he has lost his immortality. He knew about his immortality either because his mother told him, or he lost a fight but couldn’t die.

Therefore, when he realizes that he is a mortal, he doesn’t want his last act an act of war. Instead, he wants to retire and make Briseis his wife and has children. All of this makes perfect sense. He didn’t want to fight because of his fight with Agamemnon but he was mortal, and he knew it.

Aphrodite grants desirability to Phil by kissing him

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Fans say that when they saw the movie Hercules as a child, they never thought much about the final scene where Aphrodite kisses Phil. They saw it as a gesture to appreciate his efforts.

But the latest fan theory suggests that this was more than just appreciation but Aphrodite’s way to give Phil desirability. Being a God, she might have known about Phil’s difficulties with wooing ladies. And since she is the goddess of love and desirability, she makes Phil desirable by giving him the last-minute smooch.

The boy at the beginning of ‘300’ is Theron

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Theron was a traitorous jerk in the movie ‘300’. When fans started watching the movie closely, they suggested a theory that Theron was the boy at the beginning of 300. He was the same weak boy who was being beaten by Leonidas.

Therefore, he hated the Spartan way of life and wanted to change it by selling his people away to Persians. He saw this as a way to build a life on his terms.

Ares kills Greek Gods in ‘Wonder Woman’ and takes up their power

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The comic book Ares has the power to summon weapons. But in ‘Wonder Woman’, we see that he has other powers too. Fan theory suggests that he takes up the power of the Greek Gods he has killed.

He gains Zeus’s power of lighting and thunder, telekinetic powers of several Greek Gods, mind manipulation power similar to Greek Goddess Eris, and power to create fake reality similar to the Greek god of dreams, Morpheus.

Several Scarabs in Hamunaptra sharing Imhotep’s curse

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In the movie, several scarabs are buried in the sarcophagus who come alive. They become immortal because they share Imhotep’s curse.  

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