The two-year-long wait of fans finally ended when Witcher premiered its much anticipated second season on 17th December. Everyone from critics to the fans has just been praising the show with what they have done with the newest season especially now that the show has a much more focused plot.

This season is comparatively fast-paced and is full of magic. And after 8 episodes, The Witcher has tied all the loose ends from season 1, but it also raises new questions for the third season! Here are some questions which all of us are wondering about.

1. Would Jaskier Tag Along With Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri?

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Jaskier had become a fan-favorite character in season one thanks to his relationship with Geralt. The new season has changed a few things and now paired him with Yennefer, a duo, we didn’t realize we needed. And now, Jaskier is an important part of The Witcher and has a huge contribution towards the success. So everyone wants to see him more.

The finale of the season does hint that Geralt, Yen, and Ciri will be on a run together. This arises the question that now that Witcher is an outlaw, is it possible that Jaskier will join him? It’s but obvious that the show would want to keep the trio in the spotlight, but all of us would love to see Jaskier join them.

2. Could Vesemir Create New Witchers?

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Those who have read the books and played the game, know very well about Vesemir. But the viewers can know more about him in The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. The character made his debut in season 2 and is portrayed by Kin Bodina.

Vesemir is Geralt’s mentor and the leader of the witchers (as of now).  Many witchers died in the battle against Voleth mair, but Vesemir discovered that he could create new witchers using Ciri’s blood and even developed a mutagen. Now that there are only a few witchers left by the end of the second season, does that mean Vesemir could create new ones? He is already well aware of Ciri’s Elder Blood and her powers, so what could he do?

3. Would We Witness Geralt, Ciri, and Yen Visit More Spheres?

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One of the most important moments in The Witcher was the Conjunction of the Spheres. It refers to the time when the universe or the spheres of each elves, humans, and monsters collied thus creating a new shared universe for all.

Season 2 revealed that Ciri has all the power to create the portals between these spheres using the mysterious monoliths that are spread around the continent as conduits. In the season finale, she transports herself along with Geralt and Yen into another Sphere where they see the Wild Hunt. Because a portal has been opened, there are chances that Ciri will be seen exploring other spheres in the upcoming season.

4. What Are The Elves Going To Do?

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Witcher has some great characters, especially the elves. They are the ones who make the plot more interesting, and the same thing happened in season 2. Francesca, who is the leader of the elves right now, is pregnant with the first elven child in years.

Francesca also struck a deal with Voleth Mair and didn’t realize that she was just signing a death sentence. Anger took over Francesca after her baby’s death and she traveled to the Northern villages and killed every baby she could find. The season ended with her coming to know about Ciri’s Elder Blood. The way the plot is set up seems like the elves will be seeking Ciri in season 3. But what would they do after that?

5. Will Ciri Be Chased By The Wild Hunt In the Next Season?

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The Wild Hunt plays an important role in the books and every gamer who has played the game The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, regards it as one of the best fantasy video games out there. As per the books, Wild Hunt is a group of elves from a different sphere who want Ciri’s power to control the Gate of the World.

Netflix’s Witcher will have its twist on it for sure. Season 2 already showed us their arrival, but will they be seen in season 3 or 4, only time will tell. But the Wild Hunt is surely coming for Ciri.

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