With One Piece currently in its Final Saga, there is a great deal of excitement over the next piece of information Eiichiro Oda may decide to unveil about the Straw Hat Pirate. Jewelry Bonney is one of the many characters that have made a comeback in The Final Saga. She eventually made her way back to the screens after a prolonged absence.

Bonney has a ton of potential, making her an exceptionally unique combatant, even at a young age. Fans have already seen a lot about Bonney and her amazing Devil Fruit strength in the Egghead Island arc.

The full power of this Devil Fruit is still unknown, though. As the plot develops, readers will get more looks at Bonney’s actual Devil Fruit abilities and learn why Saturn of the Five Elders was so intrigued by this particular Devil Fruit. Of all the amazing futures Bonney can access, the Nika one has the potential to be the most lethal to the World Government.

Here are the five reasons why Jewelry Bonney using Nika’s power makes sense:

No. 5: Bonney has looked up to Nika because of the stories Kuma told

Bonney has looked up to Nika
Bonney has looked up to Nika (Credits: Toei Animation)

Jewelry Bonney has looked up to Nika since Bartholomew Kuma told her stories about the mythical figure. Kuma found joy and optimism in the buccaneer folktales his father Clapp taught him about the history of Nika, as well as an idol to look up to during his time as a slave.

Since then, Kuma has developed into a person who, like the character Nika, works to free others from the oppression of dishonest authorities after experiencing personal persecution. In an attempt to give his daughter Bonney the same optimism that his father gave him, he has told her this narrative in a similar manner. As a result, Bonney also grew up idolizing Nika.

No. 4: Bonney was searching for Nika and found him in Luffy

Bonney found Nika in Luffy
Bonney found Nika in Luffy (Credits: Toei Animation)

Bonney developed a greater regard for Luffy after seeing her father’s memories, which included Kuma’s high expectations for him. This was especially true after she realized that Luffy was indeed the current incarnation of Nika, which made her cry in relief at having found him at last.

Now that Bonney has found Nika in Luffy, she can use her Devil Fruit powers to tap into the future where she envisions Luffy as Nika and transforms into Nika herself. The boundaries of what Bonney can imagine will naturally disappear when she understands what Luffy represents.

The two of them will become a self-transcending evolving feedback loop when Nika inspires her with her world-shattering faith and her strength gives Luffy an even more world-shattering form.

No. 3: Bonney’s power allows her to step into possible futures that she envisions

Bonney's Devil Fruit powers allow her to step into possible futures
Bonney’s Devil Fruit powers allow her to step into possible futures (Credits: Viz Media)

Bonney’s Devil Fruit powers hold unimaginable potential. Like Nika, Bonney’s strength stems directly from desire itself.

Bonney’s ability, known as Distorted Future, is what gives the Toshi Toshi no Mi its actual strength. In short, Bonney may imagine and then create a certain future with Distorted Future. For example, Bonney desired more strength and speed when she was following Dr. Vegapunk in his lab, so she transformed into a Buccaneer even though she wasn’t one.

It is a known fact among fans that Bonney is not Kuma’s biological child. But she was able to call forth the strength of this race by using the power of a Devil Fruit to see herself as a Buccaneer in the future.

No. 2: Bonney might just have the second strongest power next to Luffy’s

Bonney might have the second strongest power after Luffy
Bonney might have the second strongest power after Luffy (Credits: Viz Media)

First off, just like with Luffy’s fruit, the name given to Bonney’s Devil fruit now is undoubtedly fake. It should be noted that the World Government kept both fruits. It is now revealed to us that she can bring what was simply someone’s prospective future into the present.

Fans also witnessed Bonney assume the appearance of Nika, another amazing person, in the Kuma flashback. Kuma told Bonney about Nika and the stories that surrounded him. As a result, Bonney could see herself in a Nika-like future.

With this ability, she was able to completely overpower Alpha in battle and destroy her with a single blow. This unlocked Bonney’s full potential, and she went on to establish a fantastic reputation. Fans can easily understand why, given her seemingly boundless potential as a pirate.

No. 1: Bonney’s father needs a hero to save him, and if Bonney becomes Nika, that might give him hope once again

Bonney might be the hero Kuma needs
Bonney might be the hero Kuma needs (Credits: Viz Media)

Although the Straw Hat Pirates are formidable allies, even with the help of One Piece’s most intelligent scientist and an Emperor of the Sea, the World Government still poses a serious threat to the protagonists of the story.

Kuma, Bonney, and their comrades will have to cooperate to either fight Admiral Kizaru, Jaygarcia Saturn, and a host of other Marines or find a way out. However, they have a fighting chance if Bonney becomes Nika and she can be the hero Bartholomew Kuma needs in order to be saved. If Bonney becomes Nika, it might give Kuma newfound hope.

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