Peter Parker has always been devoted to his girlfriend Michelle Jones, called MJ, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Spider-Man: No Way Home, the two stick at each other’s sides as they try to make sense of the strange happenings caused by Doctor Strange bursting open the cosmos.

On the page, things are completely different since Michelle Jones is known as Mary Jane and she is always competing for Peter’s love with Felicia Hardy, called Black Cat. Their rivalry has been generally cordial, with a few unpleasant moments thrown in for good measure. Felicia’s rivalry with Mary Jane is only known to comic book readers because she has yet to debut in the MCU.

5. Felicia used to be unconcerned about Peter and Mary Jane’s relationship.

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Felicia has always had her sights set on Peter in most Spider-Man comics, but in Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #17, she seems unconcerned about the two. She is a high school student who has a crush on Peter’s friend, Flash Thompson.

Felicia should not meddle because the comic issue is supposed to showcase Peter’s love for Mary Jane. Because the issue concentrates on the young female characters rather than Peter, it’s critical that Mary Jane and Felicia have their own separate love tales.

4. Mary Jane’s pet cat’s name was Felicia.

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Strange things occur in Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #1, part of the broader Marvel Fairy Tales series. Mary Jane has a black cat named Felicia in it.

Among may find the progression perplexing, but the Marvel Fairy Stories are some of the darkest versions of traditional folk tales. The pet relationship between Mary Jane and Felicia is inspired by “The Little Red Riding Hood.” It’s a unique interpretation aimed to demonstrate that Mary Jane not only adores Felicia but is also more likely to win Peter’s heart than she is.

3. Peter ended his relationship with Mary Jane and married Felicia.

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In the What If? anthology plot, Peter is nasty to Mary Jane. When Mary Jane is gravely injured as a result of Alistair Smythe’s attack, Peter realizes he won’t be able to care for her, so he ditches her and marries Felicia.

While Peter’s decision to abandon Mary Jane due to her health situation is understandable, his connection with Felicia ends up being the greatest thing for his heroic career. They are able to solve several cases by working together. Their romance is further cemented by Felicia’s death at the hands of Paladin.

2. Felicia was the first person to whom Spider-Man freely revealed his identity.

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In Spectacular Spider-Man #74, Peter and Felicia begin their romance, and he loves her so much that he freely discloses his identity to her. Surprisingly, Mary Jane isn’t upset when she discovers Peter told Felicia.

It’s understandable that Peter gets carried away while he’s dating Felicia. She is more daring and seductive, and she frequently makes him forget his guard. Mary Jane, on the other side, is incredibly modest and understanding, qualities that Peter adores because he has had to cope with harsh individuals since gaining his talents.

  1. They Once Fought Physically
10 Things Only Spider Man Comic Fans Know About Mary Jane s Friendly Rivalry With Black Cat

Felicia and Mary Jane become physical in The Sensational Spider-Man vol. 2, #27. All of this occurs as a result of Felicia’s jealousy since she feels Peter’s heart is hers.

Felicia is never afraid to act violently. She’s done it several times on the streets, so it’s not surprising to watch her lose her mind. Mary Jane is more gentle, and she only fights Felicia to protect herself from danger. Nonetheless, it is heartbreaking to see the two’s antagonism escalate to violence.

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