With a whole lot of characters, Star Wars Universe never fails to surprise us. Master Yoda however takes away all the credibility. His wittiness and rational behavior make him the Best Jedi. He radiated wisdom through quotes like “Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try’, making him incomparably wise than the rest of the Jedi Council. Here is what makes Yoda the Best Jedi of all times –

1. The Great Teachable Moment

Do or Do Not
Do or Do Not

Yoda is a terrific teacher, the one who seizes every bit of opportunity to teach and spread knowledge. When Luke tries to lift his X-Wing out of the swamp and fails to do so, Yoda uses this defeat as a teachable moment. Yoda teaches Luke how doing is the only option and trying doesn’t even come second. No Jedi other than Yoda would have taught Luke the lessons of trusting in force merely by being present and focused, better.

2. Mutual Trust

When Yoda tells Luke about his father
When Yoda tells Luke about his Father

Yoda was always true to Luke which strengthened their bond. In any relation, mutual trust is a prominent factor. When Luke asks Yoda about his father, Yoda tells him the truth without any filter or prior modification. Unlike Obi-Wan, who justified his story by saying it was true from a certain point of view.

3. Unique Way of Teaching Lesson

Yoda is the best Jedi - The sacred Jedi texts
The sacred Jedi texts

One of the most powerful scenes is where Yoda makes a bold move and burns down the Jedi’s sacred texts into ashes for teaching Luke to see the wood for the trees. This move subdued Luke to learn some of the most important lessons decades after he completed his training.

4. Defying Dark Side

Darth Vader
Darth Vader

“Part Of Me You Are, Yes. But Power Over Me, You Have Not. Through Patience & Training, It Is I Who Control You. Control Over Me You Have Not. My Dark Side You Are, Reject You I Do.” This quote is a symbol of how Yoda not only defeated his dark side but also accepted it. Later, he teaches Luke how resisting the dark side is easy when you know the charm. He encourages Luke to follow the dark side when Luke is drawn into a cave. As soon as Luke sees his face under Vader’s mask he understands the possibility of falling to the dark side.

5. The Way he kept Luke focused

Yoda is the Best Jedi - Yoda on Luke's back
Yoda on Luke’s back

Yoda’s wisdom and knowledge had a profound positive impact on Luke. During the training period, Master Yoda legit rode on Luke’s back to keep him focused. Unlike, Obi-Wan, his physique lent a helping hand in making this happen. Yoda’s willingness and commitment as a master can be ideated from this very act.



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