The world of anime if full of interesting, overpowered villains. And these anime villains are nothing without their little flexes of strength once in a while to show just how ridiculously powerful they are.

Madara Uchiha Gives The Five Kages A Choice

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Madara Uchiha

There is no anime villain who is as God-Tier as Madara Uchiha. The guy literally fought the entire Shinobi army and not a single ninja could touch him. Even the five Kages of the five hidden ninja villages couldn’t make him break a sweat. While fighting Madara, the Mizukage complains that the fight is ridiculously tilted towards Madara’s side. Responding to that, Madara creates multiple clones and gives the five Kages a choice – do they want each of his clones to use Susanoo of their own?

Aizen Stops Ichigo’s Blade With His Bare Hands

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Sosuke Aizen

Sosuke Aizen’s betrayal of the Soul Society is one of the greatest points in Bleach as well as anime history. When Ichigo Kurosaki charges at him with his blade to make him answer for his betrayal, Aizen shows just how ridiculous the difference between the two Shinigami is. Aizen not only stops Ichigo’s blade with his bare hands but also seemingly breaks the fourth wall and stops the battle music from playing.

Father Creates A Second Sun In His Hands IN FMA: Brotherhood

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Father – FMAB

Since you now have the power to subvert the laws of physics and alchemy, you can do pretty much anything. Father, after gaining his Godlike abilities, show just how powerful he has become. He is no longer the entity in the flask. Father now holds the power to destroy the whole world while casually sitting on his throne. With a flick of his finger, he could burn the entire atmosphere. that’s how crazy powerful he is.

Itachi Uchiha Makes Sasuke Think He Has Killed His Brother, Only To Reveal It Was An Illusion

Itachi Uchiha

Although he is technically not a villain, but he did portray him as one until the big reveal came later on. Itachi Uchiha is a God amongst men. A master of illusion casting and Genjutsu techniques, not even people with Sharingan – a Dojutsu that can see through illusions, escapes his powers. When Sasuke finally meets Itachi, he is quick to make a move for it, pinning ‘Itachi’ to the ground and stab him. ‘Itachi’ then points to the other side of the room, showing it was all an illusion. Itachi had never even left his seat. Sasuke’s smile immediately turns into a frown.

Dabi Kills A Bunch Of Villains Because They Irked Him

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When the League of Villains goes on a recruitment drive, Dabi come across a bunch of new recruits in a hallway. The recruits are brash and arrogant and they manage to get on the bad side of Dabi. So Dabi uses his cremation quirk to burn the entire group into a crisp. No one speaks to Dabi the wrong way. If you do, you pay the ultimate price. Even the viewers are left stunned at the ferocity and ruthlessness of Dabi’s actions.

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